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Cross Kart SAFETY UPGRADES | 5pt Harness, Axles, Wheel Balance

Main Cross Kart SAFETY UPGRADES | 5pt Harness, Axles, Wheel Balance

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    We make safety upgrades for our 750cc cross kart! These include a 5 point racing harness, new CV axles to replace the worn out ones, and a very important tire …

    Gregory Megatron

    This thing really reminds me of that ramp car or flip car on fast and furious 6. It was like an F1 looking thing that the bad guy drove around.

    Joseph Golden

    I would add a RECARO high back seat..or something similar to that with a rear protection plate behind it combined with the roll hoop youre going to install….if that low back seat breaks/fails, your neck is going to slam against the rear bar ..which means severe injury…since youre adding a harness .. install the seat at the same time so they work together…which will save you time in welding/installation/ positioning of the harness.

    Matthew Rus

    Time to revert to the four carb setup now that the ignition problem is solved, it still isn't running quite right. A maybe some mufflers too, to keep the neighbours happier!

    Jared King

    what state do you live in I need to fix my go-kart but you the only guys that I know who can fix them

    Travis Tomlin

    Shoulder straps stay close to your neck but not up against and go straight back all in case of a roll over to keep you positioned safely! Cough cough ikes mower 😂😂


    Welding driveshafts amateurishly when it’s going to go over 100….

    ChiefJustice Middleton

    You guys need to take that thing around a dirt oval . OH YAH, GET SOME PROPER EXHAUST ON THAT THING. YOUR NEIGHBORS MUST HATE YOU GUYS

    Laz Sloshtown

    Righteously kick ass!

    Stuart Harris

    The cross kart looks awesome. The jetting is probably off due to the lack of exhaust back-pressure. Check your jetting for open pipes at your altitude.

    Christy Saccone
    Is a go kart wholesale company where you can get parts and go karts and mini bikes and stuff you should check it out


    The amount of off road driving you guys do, you need some bigger wheels!


    You guys need mufflers….AND a nice soft head rest . The bar behind the seat looks to be right at break neck level ! Great job guys !

    gordie french

    why not a 4 into one header will run and sound better

    Braydon Arthur

    I think that a 2-stroke build would make this channel a true gokart channel. something big, like a cr500 or something. from where i'm from, the only big 4 stroke race karts are l0206 (which is what I race) and the motors are powerwise just about the same as a stage 2 predator. Currently me and some friends are building a 2 stroke vintage shifter kart for the street with an old '77 yz400 that we found for $400 CAD. should shred tires pretty good.

    Jonathan Parham

    Need a baffle in the fuel tank to keep fuel from sloshing side to side, that’s why it is acting funny slinging it around

    Stuart Woody

    Funny talking about balancing tires, I tossed about 3 ounces of high quality airsoft bb's in a crunchy old set of used tires on my van and that thing rides like a Cadillac! I was surprised that actually worked.

    Brennan Christian

    Hey I don’t know if you plan on selling the cross cart but I’m in need of an off road cart and I have some amazing trails so I would like to purchase it so if you want to sell it give me a price and we can go from there thanks

    Jack Mehoff

    Bigger wheels lol

    Got em’ PUBG

    Have you guys ever thought of installing a E-brake to help throw out the booty? You should💁🏻‍♂️😅

    Amy Vierra

    Put the OG carbs back on it


    When are you guy going to install new headers? Stock ones are double skinned

    Lenny M

    Couldn't you just have rebuilt the axle's???

    James Ross

    When trying to line up two round pieces to weld – cut two 3" pieces of angle and weld the heel to a c clamp on both the rotating side and fixed side. The clamp/angle will hold your pieces dead center to weld.

    Zchambo 1

    It would be awesome to see 4 wheel steering on this.


    Sorry just read your comment about raising the hoop, ha.


    If it goes over , you need the roll over bars to be higher, at the moment your head is the highest point. Great build guys look forward to seeing it completed and sorting out the paddle shifters.


    Me want

    Blake K.

    Are y’all gunna paint it?

    Corey Ford

    Front brake upgrade would be awesome especially for burnouts

    Darral Lipke

    Don't the roll cage have to be taller than your head. Also the steering wheel is too high, finger ripper offer. I'm concerned for your safety in a rollover. I would raise the hoop and side rails so your body is deeper into the cart at the speed it's capable of.

    Brevan Hansen

    Blend white and yellow, and also I would do something to help that tab that all of the bars are hooked to (at the back of the harness back)

    Teig Jensen

    You guys really really need to do orange or the original rusty colors. Orange like the DUKES OF HAZZARD
    them get a confederate flag

    Hector Estrada

    What kind of oil do you guys use in your engines? I would really love to know so I can get the best since you guys seem to never blow and engine from the oil's fault.

    Jaden Steelman

    Make a banshee powered shifter kart

    Humberto Vigil

    Put the original carbs on!

    nunya your business

    you let john loose with a welder and a drill thats living on the edge

    Mike O

    5:05 "I think this should be our next project, Ike. Go lock the door…it'll be fine."

    Michael Hardy

    Suggestion, "GPS Speedometer"


    I would mount that fan right on top of the heads…

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