Monday, March 20, 2023

Cutting up my Skyline GTR!

Main Cutting up my Skyline GTR!

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    Check out Vincero Watches! Use code “ILLIMINATE” for 15% off your entire order + free worldwide shipping! Today, we cut …

    Donald Mokgale

    Bro that looks fucking sick but the price tag is DISGUSTING weeps fuark!!!!!!!!!


    Looks like it just went through puberty:/


    Gonna lose your fingers…don't do it

    Boo boo

    Wheres Kevin's s2000 ?

    Khan Adam

    10hp gain

    Bebeto Fandi

    Extra nose hole.


    Tell me.y ppl so dum to cut up a masterpiece thats a Mystery


    A mesh front grille with a gtr badge in the middle would look sick

    Misael Carvajal

    Ayyy randy wassup foooo look at my dm I sent you the toy story meme/ illiminate toy story picture @misael_carvajal Or @carvajalmisael

    MiKe K19

    Love the install but now I think you need new front grill as it doesn't go with aggressive look of the bumper. A grill with just the frame and mesh would go well with the look of the bumper. Buts thats just my opinion. Keep up the great content🙌

    Arturo Gonzalez Jr.

    It’s actually 3:06 when I’m watching this

    Milky 01.21

    You should put it on fire and throw it up in the air..

    mattan 06

    And randy's GT-R just became perfect. This is like my dream build it's the right clour the right rims and now it even haw the extra wents on the front bumper perfect Randy just perfect 👌

    Andy Lam

    Just ordered a Burgundy Tee! Hope I win so I can gift the wheels to one of my homies who had his last S2K Stolen.


    Am I behind… what is that engine on the mount

    Dwight Angelo David

    Looks like it has mustache Or nose. Haha. But looks better.

    A.R. NAKI

    Get some lifts on the Randy👌


    Now you need the Nismo N1 Hood grille lip!

    JJ Emunah

    Wohhhhh I cant believe it

    Richard Malafufu

    Youre the second youtuber thats sponsored by vinceros that i know of. The first youtuber is snewj

    Jacob Garcia

    Shower., an don’t forget her shots bro. You don’t want her getting sick.

    Franklin Borja

    Damn who else got hit with that ad when the bomb was about to blow

Viewing 23 posts - 1 through 23 (of 23 total)
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