Monday, March 20, 2023

Dad’s Going on the Power Tour!

Main Dad’s Going on the Power Tour!

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    I know I said I WANTED to go on the Power Tour with my dad, but that hasn’t been confirmed until now. I couldn’t be happier about doing this trip with my dad.


    I won't be on the power tour. But I will be at Sema, FabTech, and PRI.

    Chris Rigley

    If you come over to Washington State, let us know.

    Bern G

    Did your father happen to work in East Aurora?

    Chet Leonard

    …..make sure your A/C is in good shape, for those traffic jams.

    Aidan Wandschneider

    Is anyone allowed to go on the tour?

    Aaron Morales

    Was it crazy to get a shout-out from Bill Burr on the Joe Rogan experience podcast? And did your channel get a bump in views or subs?

    Rick James

    Eric the Car Dad


    turn the damn heat on

    Neil Brown


    Forsaken MoPars

    I got a Gold package for my first time on Power Tour but I'm not sure if I want to go. If I do I am debating between my '70 Charger R/T SE with a 440+6 and a 4-speed… and no A/C, or my '78 Volare wagon with a slant-6 and A/C lol. Not sure if I want to be "cool" or cool if you know what I mean.

    Dark Coven

    Eric Get a Darn Heater for the Shop Bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brandon Minich

    I'm also from Western New York and yes we hate Fisher Pr@#%. Lol

    Dark Coven

    Truck is Looking Awesome already, This work is done with Love and Pride, God Bless Eric this is the Greatest Videos for me, even More so than those of the past. I waited special for these ones on Dad's Truck, Long Time Coming = Finally Here ..It does not have to be 100% done to what you Plan just make it a Sweet Ride for Your Dad and it's looking Very good this far, I don't expect you to get the Engine the way you want by then but ,Hope you and Your Father have an Awesome time.Just Make sure you get Us all great Video and show Dad in the Truck..

    Rick Gaine

    This is absolutely wonderful! This will be something your dad will really appreciate. I’m sure he appreciates the effort you’re putting into this, and it will be very memorable for both of you. I may not have always agreed with all of your choices, but one thing I can tell you is that I’m sure your dad is proud of how far you’ve come in the last 10 years.

    Andrew cole

    Guess the shop is really cold Eric…. Any heater?

    Chris Random

    Awesome news. Have fun on the tour. If you're going to be by the Cleveland area I will definitely show up to say hello.


    Considered trailering the car behind the truck, so you and your pop could ride together?


    If I had something worthy of the power tour I would go and bring extra tires. Never know, burnouts???

    Sunset Originals

    Plastic toy company………LEGO?

    Malek Hajaya

    Congratulations Eric, wishing you guys a great time.

    Mark Lance

    Eric the Fairmont guy.

    Ivo Willis

    Finally happened! Thanks for the birthday wishes! XD


    Power Tour tix sold out in 4.5 minutes…. Have fun!

    GAC Drums

    WOW Eric how cold is it in your shop ….LOL


    Freaking awesome!!!

Viewing 26 posts - 1 through 26 (of 26 total)
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