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Daily Driving The 2019 Genesis G70 – Twin Turbo AWD Auto vs Turbo RWD Manual

Main Daily Driving The 2019 Genesis G70 – Twin Turbo AWD Auto vs Turbo RWD Manual

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    3.3TT AWD Auto or 2.0T RWD Manual? G70? C43? M340i? Stinger? Something else??

    Also thanks to our early video access Patreon supporters Michael H, Somark L, Sean R, Oliver U, Arthur E, David C, Israel C, Luke M, De Kun L, James M, Julian M, Graeme P, Ethan L, Charles E, Pavo B, LeaseCosts Canada, Edgarson R, Ryan J, Kevin D, Allen G, Andrew R, Joe, Waleed M, Hyogo M, Omar, J, Matt W, Bill B, Kelvin K, Carlos L, Forrest W, Kevin S, Brad M, 10ShapedFist, Phuong N, Santhosh B, Peter S, MK, Andy B, Casey A, Rob J, Andrew L, Jayjay S, Christopher K, Artur N, Alexander M, Edward A, Carlin M, Pablo O, Kevin J, Jim G, Kirk H, Brylon E, Matt P, Glenn K, James S, Rohit S, Grant H, Henry K, Sean F, Kim H, Joel P, larusso, Dallon H, Nealon Y, Giliar D, Matthew G, John D, Devin B, Eric W, Brian H, Fei D, Chad S, Cameron P, Nelson C, Eric Z, Griffin O, Daniel R, James B, Doanh L, Aaron B, Armel M, Jordan R, David, Maciej S, Nihilia, Geoffrey G, Jeff M, Christopher B, David G, Thomas B, Diondi T, Brendan T, Owen Q, jj, Andersen G, Aaron A, Idean N, Wesley M, Jin L, John S, SY, Jessie Z, Jordan S, Special K, Victor L, Logan S, Michael G, Brett, Justin O, Darren J, Noel M, Scott G, Chris B, Chan T, Aaron M E, Alexander R, Charlie P, Mickel, Siu C, Andrew G, Tyler S, Kevin W, Kristian L O, Matt O'C, Nik L, Ahsan U, Theo E, Dylan P, Melissa N, Joshua B, 6ixSet Toronto, Nawraz B, Joe W, Im_Justin, Loren K, Scott A, Tyler K, Andrew, Wesley T, Jacob C, Kevin W, Will B, Jon B, Ajay J, Evan D, Fabio S! Check out the cool rewards at


    Yay, crossover season is over!! This is you guys at your best. Amazing shots and really in depth observations

    Xavier de Souza

    Dope Review Boys! Ordered a Visor Test hoodie last week, can't wait to get it! Also, will you guys be doing any meets this upcoming year?

    PY Guay

    Great video by the way!

    PY Guay

    Sweet rides! Love the hard buttons and interior styling. Too bad for the small trunk and back seats.

    Felipe MauTei

    The burnout in the beginning was awesome!


    The G70 Genesis is actually a solid option for me for the future. Was looking at it for a while as an alternative to the classic mid size German sedans.

    Saif Hussain

    Review new Maserati

    Franky B

    And on that day, Yuri had all the fun.

    darshil kamani

    Notification squaaaaaad !!

    LEXUriouS Kirk

    I LOVED the g80 with the 3.3t! Can't wait to review these! Great coverage Bois

    Chauncey _VW

    I think I’d take either! You know what still comes in manual??? All trims in Canada of the VW Jetta!

    Lucas Rand

    Genesis is my favorite looking car company since they are very low key about everything

    Bekfast _music

    Skert 0:08


    First 🤗
    AWD all the way


    Great review!!!!

    Nick Carr

    Definitely 3.3TT! Or C43

    ps4- mrosom


    Uri Katjiuongua


    Uri Katjiuongua


    Clayton Beilfuss


Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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