Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Damage Assessment: GT3RS Vs. 4 Days of Track & Touge

Main Damage Assessment: GT3RS Vs. 4 Days of Track & Touge

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    Lets see what actually driving these cars hard does to them! Also – I keep seeing you guys commenting about the noise on right corners. When you’re cornering …


    For bugs try Bugs Away. Spray well and it eats organic matter, you can spray it and damn near just rinse with your pressure washer and it just comes right off.

    Nick BirminghamEM1

    $200 for lip on a Porsche? my Civic SiR front lip was $600 that's insane

    Tint World

    Glad to see the ExoShield did its job!

    piggie mcwankfist

    She looks so pretty whith all that soap


    If he saw DDE videos he'd faint πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Joseph Rojas

    Matt reminds me of Derek , that guy that hangs out with Jimmy (Oakes)

    Marcy Pulmano

    adam lz talks too much


    Please shave the porn stache for the love of god


    Adam, you should check out AMMO NYC. He's much better,

    Vybz Tv


    Sled_ Goon

    So nice to finally see Adam doing a whole video about detailing his cars

    Justin G

    Would watch more of the car wash then the back road driving, just cause I can put the car wash to use.


    Buffin' McMuffin'!

    James Simms

    It all seems a bit extreme to me, i take car of the wheels and tyres for a friends race car and all we use is washing up liquid and a sponge

    Andrew Mattson

    Biggest regret of my day

    Andrew Mattson

    You would look better without the mustache


    Matts the sort of guy to wipe after a fart

    danny quinonez

    Shave that weird shit on the top of your lip.

    65 6c 6f 6e 20 6d 75 73 6b

    Hey Adam! Loved the video. Sometime, can we just have a raw video of you ripping down some mountain roads in the GT3RS? Thanks for all the amazing content, keep it up.

    Colin Pucheu

    Make Lz magnets custom for your car that would be cool

    Daniel Brown

    The seriousness about cleaning a car kills me… If you aren't polishing for .0001 sec down on a lap time, just wash the damn thing and don't scratch it. jeezz

    Gods Squad

    Is it just me or is the guy filming not getting on everyone's last nurve with the know it all advice with how Exactly How you have got to was your wheels? It may be me tho

    Peter Pietrangelo

    You're 335i has folding mirrors also the more you know

    Kellin Patler

    Matt & Adam videos are my favorite

    Kellin Patler

    β€œI’ve been doin’ the rear, cuz that’s my thing”

    Shain Greene

    Bro where’s Nicole

    New phone who dis?

    Car parked on hose lowers water pressure? Maybe

    Bundy Williams

    Does Porsche make front bras for that car?

    Jose Reyes

    Yo when are u coming back to Fowler park? I wanna meet u bro, I'm so bummed out I couldn't go.

    chris Gruber

    Am just saying it is a car ment to go fast

    Omar Sanes

    The guy with the creepy mustache is back! Lol


    Hey matt! Not drivning your car to save it its like nog banging your girl just for keeping it clean for next guy 😘😘

    Guy Maldigri

    Should have just clear wrapped the front end for protection

    Mitchell Hunt-Sharman

    Adam and Matt like to tag team, aslong as the tips don't touch


    I wanna get my pp f'd



    My front bumper is hopelessly chipped lol, I should have wrapped it before tracking. But my z bears its battle scars with pride!

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