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Damage Inspection on the Auction Lamborghini Huracan Lead to One Big Question…

Main Damage Inspection on the Auction Lamborghini Huracan Lead to One Big Question…

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    In Todays Episode, Huracan Damage Inspection! Play World of Warships for free: New players will receive 1 Million Credits, the USS …

    Through the Apex

    The roll bars are spring loaded. There should be a key in the tool kit that fits in the inspection holes on the bottom. That will release the clasp / catch for the roll bars and then you push them back down. There is no need to send off the roll over protection unit.  
    That was an incredible amount of work for nothin' Still love you channel but any e36 convertible owner who has hit a massive pot hole or curb at speed could have saved you a few days of wrenching. 😉 At 8:04 you were really close.

    Elias dachraoui

    is'nt it that volgswagen owns lamborghini

    Mark Chippendale

    I heard you! You said "the hurrIcane"!!
    It was only a matter of time….

    sponge 4930

    If I remember correctly I had a mercedes SL 55 that got hit from the side and the same thing happened to the roll bar it popped up the dealership that fixed the car did not take anything apart they reset it via their software. Call the lambo dealership speak with a mechanic there and I'm sure he will tell you how to fix it. It probably needs to be re programmed via the cars computer. Your making your life difficult.


    14:10 TERRIBLE MUSIC !! please never put it in video again…

    Junior Salazar

    There is a way to pop them back down and reset them, because they need to be tested every certain mileage for service


    D is for Disassembly


    You just reminded me of the "Xbox 360 Casing Key" it's a pain to take casing off without one of them. https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Tools/Xbox-360-Opening-Tool/IF145-055?o=1


    This video is making have anxiety


    Love the show , hate world of whore shits

    Rui Kazane

    Imagine you're a kid trying to assemble your Tamiya kit. You'll understand.

    Rickard A

    Note. Underbody plastics are also good for reducing airturbulence.

    Also you should try save the Wheels. Just take them to a wheelfixer. Curb rash can be welded and fixed on a lathe/Wheel balancer and any bends can be balanced out aswell.

    Thomas LeCoure

    I saw a green Lamborghini driving I5 yesterday through Portland. Was that you by any chance?

    Roy BM

    Take the seats out, how can you work like this? And get workshop manual from Erwin.lamborgini.com something you start getting before starting a project like this. And it’s multi spline not triple spline bit you mentioned.

    Eric Finch

    Did you put a rod down the pipe from the top? Isn't that where the release is?

    Deric Martel

    Well at least unlike another YouTuber you might actually fully finish this Lambo haha with a working roof

    Mbaluka Jafrey

    Sorry I had to unsubscribe but respectfully… We need to see how the winner won the 1k…

    Henry Recinos

    I havent got 1000 bucks


    Knew those rollover rails were going to be a b***

    Lonnie G

    lambo parts are expensive, but the labor is what total's the rig out.

    David C

    There appears to be a ratcheting mechanism on the side that you can pry open with a long flat screwdriver. Search up the p/n on eBay 4T7880077 They're probably spring loaded like many other euro pop up roll over bars.

    Jon Maurice

    lol. this will be the missing bolt car. good luck keeping track of all those parts, and have fun trying to piece it back together. makes me cringe just thinking of it.

    Ryan Michael Upton
    Paul La Piana

    I own products that are digital, not an old black and white TV that I have to tune the frequency to get the channel… It the internet connection that crashes


    no way I could hand all that work i would of cut them dam bars n moved on ha ha

    Kevin Pizarro

    What do you do for work? I mean what did you study for, auto mechanic maybe? Answer me please!!


    I LOVE this: Working on a Lamborghini and no manual, just a lot of "I think" and "let's see" and just start tearing into it. Just another puzzle. A $115k puzzle. This is bold behavior, this is baller, this is what I love about this channel.

    mark hamilton

    Oh man! taken my mind of not winning the money!


    Looks like they didn't have any of the tools necessary for removing those nifty VW/Audi/Lambo/Porsche bolts LOL

    Rhys Beats

    Get the Capri Tools Triple square kit. I have it and I use it a lot on the Volkswagen I'm building with my bro. on the old MK2 they use them on the cv axels.

    ID K

    Dosent Volkswagen own Lamborghini along with Audi and bmw

    D Fro

    A quality wheel repair place should be able to repair those wheels for well under used costs!

    Björn Blümchen

    0:37 clearly Tavarish was meant😂😂😂

    John hobbs

    Ask Exotic Auto Recycling if they have any on Lamborghinis.

    David Bryant

    Who told you that this is a rare car?

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