Friday, March 24, 2023

Decided to buy an R34 GTR!

Main Decided to buy an R34 GTR!

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    Legend said if you’re early,randy will pin this 😇

    harrisson ber

    dont you dare stance the 34 stancing the car would be a disgrace to the GTR badge and a waste of a car


    All the skylines 😍😍😍


    That skyline is so fucking CLEAN!!!


    Illumination Crews all cars Are Best 😬💙

    Zay Lucero

    Probably the sickest van!

    ryan fitspatrick

    not gonna lie i nutted when the r34 was on screen.

    Ruben Garcia

    Currently waiting for the new video !

    jamar clark

    R33 is the sexiest GTR, fuck the haters

    ajthebeast 03

    😂 6:38

    Leo Galiza

    That R34 was AMAZING WITH THE LIT UP 'SKYLINE' LIGHT Best skyline I've ever seen

    Leo Galiza

    All those cars are my favorite can't choose😍

    : : Cobra

    13:00 IS THAT CAR IN GTA 5


    My favorite ride is randy


    Song at 2:45 is LAKEY INSPIRED – Blue Boi

    [i] ven

    I was wondering what bluetooth speaker to buy.

    Luke Laning

    Gtr r33

    Jordan Simcox

    The red 34 is the king and my dream car so yeah

    Andrew C

    When there’s a LHD NSX in japan😂

    Camilo Castillo

    The two sub

    Michael De Guzman

    New Camera looks dope man! keep on grinding


    japan always leading the tuning trend. R34 with light up logos/decal is fire.

    Yung Qweef

    Don’t be a click bait u starting to get on my nerves


    fuuuuck, these japan vlogs are lit. i wanna go

    Mac C

    The R33 GTR is my favorite one ☝️

    Andy Chetwynd

    That skyline with the illumination was cool but I first saw this on a JDM MR2 mk2 which had a boot lid emblem which lit up with brake light. Love the Audi style amber touches.

    Top 10 Automotive

    buy a r34

    Lundy 23

    Yo love the content man but I have to say I miss the S13!!!!!


    in those parking spots what is the little curb that pops up when you roll over it? Is it a security thing or wha


    Million subscriber car was in this video 😁🥰🤫

    Ariya Chayarath

    The nsx is fire🔥🔥

    Ssqer Albaker

    The nsx is my favorite car and also my dream car

    Ssqer Albaker

    The nsx is my favorite car and also my dream car


    0:50 that shit is hilarious

    Hakamjit Dhillon

    Get a frappe from family mart


    Yep of course nsx 🔥

    Alex T

    Please please please!!!! Record all the cars there even the ones you don’t like


    Surprise Kevin with his nsx

    Boosted Black Kid 14

    Damnit Randy!!! That wasn’t pandem, that was Active Garage’s widebody 🤦🏽‍♂️ you def need an R34 tho

Viewing 40 posts - 1 through 40 (of 42 total)
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