Friday, March 24, 2023

Designing the Huracan Body – Here's How Its Going To Look!

Main Designing the Huracan Body – Here's How Its Going To Look!

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    In today’s episode im showing off the hard work of my friend Khyzyl Saleem. He was kind enough to do some concept modeling and rendering to create a …


    Massive thank you for the opportunity to work with you man, can't wait to see how this turns out! YOU SICKKK GUY! 😂❤


    Muflers as intake? wha?!=!


    B is for boat

    Sean Roberts

    Have sliding roof panel .

    M D

    Very Impressive, but I think a retro Countach body would have been the way to go…..


    I Dont Like Removable roof 🙁

    Senium Band

    The turbos should be facing in the opposite direction to get better intake airflow and minimize the exhaust work. You could run intake piping with filters to the side vents behind the doors, get better cold air and have shorter exhaust pipes, by just swapping the orientation of the turbochargers. This will get you much better gains and usable power.

    Seychelles Life

    Don’t remove the roof . It’s nice with the OEM roof

    Bebeto Fandi

    Does he using blender software??


    Not a whole lot of building imo….


    White looks like a lamborghini countach. But you can’t cover the carbon fibre!!!!

    Jared Reynolds

    paint looks so much better than carbon!

    Martin Vu

    A panda style with like mixed carbon and white panels would be sick. Something like main carbon body + white fenders and black aero would be fucking sick

    ed van greunen

    Those indents on the hood can be done in reverse just ad to the existing hood. White looks mint!! Maybe like that triangular camo type wrap exposing carbon. Definitely roof off!! Check Instagram DM for engine cover idea?


    In my opinion sticking out turbos just looks stupid and would destroy the cars aerodynamics if you go with the open back. Go with a closed design and a seathrough heatresistent window designe on the back. Oh and flip around the turbos.


    Cool. Dont think you’ll be able to finish in time, but veery cool 😎

    Rhian Taylor

    Great work. Couple of things that stuck out, first you seem to have quite a long induction track which might mean turbo lag and second, you talked of driving to SEMA plus a trip to the drag strip so you will be driving this at speed – how much work are you going to do on the aerodynamics ?

    Benjamin Sherry

    Roof scoop!!!!!

    Sam Campos

    White looks clean!

    Janson Thao

    Targa top Lamborghini. Neat will love to see that on this build. Great work.

    Ryan McKinney

    So just make it modular and do everything to allow pin on panels and #$%# those doors… Tube the doors open air Mad Maxx type @%@# and fit all fenders the same. Take it to SEMA take it to Baja… Slap in the same door design as a roof…. Ariel Atom LambuhbuhBisforBuild


    Looks awesome in white!

    Mr. rekt

    Why not turn turbos around and make 2 big roof scoops for air intake

    Sean Gamblin

    Look at freshkicks YouTube video he has a Ferrari and a Lamborghini with widebody kits featured in one of his latest videos

    Glenn Lilly

    white looks stellar

    Jonathan Jennings

    Khyzl should work with CD projeckt Red and Cyberpunk 2077, the styles match perfectly!

    Terry Smith

    Gull Wing doors would look good awesome what u have done so far

    Michi Scholl

    The turbo lag is gonna last longer than the actual show.


    Sorry, I love your videos but I don't like the design of this car. Hope you can pull it off. Good luck.

    James T

    Why not go with air to air intercoolers, easier to plumb and more efficient… place them in you pods above each rear fender.

    Mr EeroBotti

    Dont make it convertable looks like shit… But the rest of the plan looks very nice

    Shaheer Arshad

    Do a roof scoop for that turbos and white looks sick.


    Why not 3D print the parts? This guy in Colorado is making an Aventador look alike. Apparently he learned on YouTube 😆

    wb quint

    Please make it roofless that looks really awesome

    Dylan Bosman

    throw a massive wing on that b**ch


    Your idea of the roof open like that I think that is badass in all white

    Taylored Media

    I 100% agree with this idea, your crazy 👀

    jacco eversdijk

    Looks like the mad mike lambo

    Ludicrous Films

    You should turn the turbos around

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