Thursday, March 23, 2023

Desperate Duramax Owner Wouldn't Let Us Use Nitrous… Cummins Galaxie vs. Jeremy ROUND 2

Main Desperate Duramax Owner Wouldn't Let Us Use Nitrous… Cummins Galaxie vs. Jeremy ROUND 2

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    DAD BOD SHIRTS! – Round 2 with my good friend Jeremy from Fasterproms! Can the Galaxie hold it down yet again?? NEXT …


    How tall is Cleetus?

    Jesse Gilbert

    Lol the lucas oil bottle behind Jeremys battery

    Darren Good

    That many mods for a DirtyMax to keep up with a stock motor 12v? Heh.


    13:18 what the hell yeah hell?


    Duramax owner after win: are you the one in the charge?

    jrome m

    afc live?

    James A.

    Jeremy sounds like a weenie asking for you to hold back the NOS

    erik nulty


    Snow Flake

    Id go fatter tires in the back with lighter rims all round. Use the ones you have as daily drivers and get fatter rims int eh back and thinner for front. lol hell by then though you might lift it off the damn ground.

    Eric Hansen

    You need bigger tires. Put the rubber on the road !

    john bell

    yall need to convert the galaxy to all wheel drive

    Eric Lafrance

    12 valve loves water meth


    Very bored of the galaxy so much galaxy 😐

    jose merced

    Damn i didn't care about the Car or Race! Holy Shit this Video Quality is the best! I feel like if i was there with u guy's lol

    Eduardo Ramon Brauer

    Parece el de Molotov a gringo loco


    Typical Duramax owner…😂


    Just subscribed. Love the diesel

    Andrew Johnson

    No nitro? No 4WD… if your gonna cry about fairness..

    Michael Iglesias

    OMG Dude I want that dad bods shirt so bad but your website is down!!! I think everyone wanted it that’s why the site just crashed and burned! Save me a shirt brother!!!!!!!!

    Jorge Salazar

    I want to see that run but with bigger tires on that galaxy no nitrous

    Try Again

    I lost all respect for cleetus

    Try Again

    You are salty af….just take the L and stop bitching. You jumped on 2 races. You acted like a little bitch…


    What’s up with Leroy’s appearances in the latest STS turbo Facebook commercial?

    Neilson Mcgeee

    Cleeter the vids have been slacking my dude

    P Kuudsk

    James was not impressed with the dirtymax, he was sitting there thinking we got this covered with a 150 shot and new tires.

    Rickshi and Moku

    Galaxy needs some fatass tires behind it

    TK Kennedy

    He really red lighted! He loss clear as day!

    Jackson N.

    Cleetus really didnt let the galaxie reach good boost before the launch, although not sure about the effects of that because of traction issues.

    Derric Jacobson

    When r u going to start building the Camaro? 🤨 These are filler videos, we want to see some real car videos!

    Nicolas Dehoyos

    Am I the only one who remembers the Dale truck??

    The sinner Jim Whitney

    The Galaxie needs more turbo? Different timing? I dunno (I don't know much at all about diesels), I just know it smokes way too much, normal wheels with sticky meats on them, and more traction via rear suspension and that thing would be a badass. I mean, it is now, but I feel like it'd be 'done' at that point. And then when it blows up, a fresh rebuilt motor/trans/rearend, along with the necessary chassis modifications (and AC, of course), and it can be your tow rig!

Viewing 32 posts - 1 through 32 (of 32 total)
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