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    We took 7 cars to grange and completely destroyed all of them… On the bright side, you guys get this video to watch LOL! Video edited by @jayyyomar BLACK …

    Brooklyn Chalmers

    this has been on my recommend so…..


    this was such a good video, i enjoyed it a lot and probably be favourite so far. keep it up Randy!

    Rudy Roo

    Oh snaps I didnt know Grange was in apple valley haha I stay the city over in victorville

    Bryce Hinrichs

    This looks like the dream man. Just going on a road trip with the homies and drifting Grange. Hell yeah brother.

    Sgt Aero

    no please not the Skyline QQ

    Jordan Carpenter

    The Broke Boyz

    Juan Guillen

    Anyone know the name to the instrumental 10:45

    Jodick serkemsized

    real question, cause i bought the ones that sonny was selling and. wouldn’t stick to anywhere on my car and when it would my phone would weigh too much for it to stay. are these ones gonna stick better and actually stay or is it the same type of stuff as before(could it be the material in my car it’s not dirty or anything)


    Please do a 350z build one day

    Lee Williams

    Do you guys own the garage or rent it curious because I want to do the same like have extra space for my cars.

    Malin Peov

    Why this track be lookin like fr legends

    Streetloose Garage

    Going “ham” does not mean sucking Lmaoo

    Alex Haro

    Wtf ever happpened to christian ngo

    Jorge Garcia

    You gotta do vlogmas Randy

    AZWAN azz



    You should get a nos install

    Marvel J

    Just the beginning. Yall gon be tandeming in japan before you know it

    Rhys Zilla

    9:21 they should have used Vicks because it will fix everything, it even cured Francis's grandma of cancer

    A O

    been awhile since I’ve seen Christian. I sort of know why I haven’t seen him with ILLIMINATE but does anyone know the full story?

    Mason Lopez

    Instead of "building all those slammed cars" y'all should spend more time on the track or atleast drifting 💁

    Lauritz Larsen
    Limberg Sauceda

    Randy and the clutch pedal have beef or something cus that man loves to kick it lol

    Locally Broke

    Bro, this is a whole movie!!


    11:00 … nobody else like the illiminate fam premium content


    issssssss litttt

    Thomas Ardizzone

    That's the thing about drift, you cant have the back wheels cambered

    J. Korova300

    Issacs a savage “it woulda been totaled”💀💀


    Placed my pre order for a hoodie. Any estimated time on how long it’ll take ?

    Damien Anderson

    Lets see that foot work pussyyyy😂😂😂😂


    song 4:45?


    Damn the black phone mount sold fast rip!

    ES 10

    I was expecting some drifting n only saw driving around

    Ahmed Osama

    Love and suport guys ❤❤

    Gerhard Stout

    I really missed illiminate uploads🥺

    Set Subarashii

    I need friends 😒

    Jose Santana

    Randy has everyone else doing everything for him including editing the vlogs😂😂. Fuckin baller😂😂

    Old BeanJuice

    Told you grange was crucial 😂

    [BB] Pikachu

    only like 4 min of drifting. that was trash. i hope yall reading the comments, quit the clickbait.

    Heng Blocker

    love this when you guys back together
    from cambodia

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