Thursday, March 23, 2023

Diamond Silver 4 Door Skyline Wrap is Complete!

Main Diamond Silver 4 Door Skyline Wrap is Complete!

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    After about 5 days of work, we are finally done with the diamond silver wrap!!! Will I wrap another car? Probably not LOL. Huge shout out to all of the homies for …


    These guys always trying to sell shit every chance they get makes them sound greedy as f*ck

    Street King2604

    Why are u only PayPal 😔


    funny how many extra mates you find when you get a shop hey

    let hit 1000 sub with no video

    The car looks Hella thick

    Abel Guerrero

    Buy a ae86


    Ehhh it’s ight


    Ordinary.. Randy !


    Need some gtr tails and tinted windows

    Haadi Sharifah

    How much for ceramic coating?

    Jamie Smith

    weirdly enough I think I preferred the kit when it was white


    I hope you're not fucking serious with the wing and that you're gonna re-do it. It looks disgusting.

    if it ain’t foreign it’s borin!
    Hector Cruz

    Needs a new wheel setup ASAP !

    lil lean

    U need upgraded exhaust system

    Jon m

    NO dont get an ae86 all you do is destroy cars.

    Jason Jiang

    New wheels please


    Pls man upload more😂

    Rice Pudding

    That’s a yucky body kit

    Marco Martinez

    I thought you didn’t know anything besides nissans lol jk love you randy please get an 86
    -also look into chrome window tint 😉 hotboi shit

    Danny Mulligan

    definitely wrapping my 32 now. I figured out its going to cost me less for a roll of wrap than to just get the body kit wrapped.

    Michael Yescavage

    Buy an ae86!


    Randy. get a legendary EightSix you'll fall in love!

    use this as a like button if randy should get one!!

    Jaze Andallo

    purchase an AE86 pls PLEASE.

    little bro life

    6:07 song?

    Lander Justin Morales

    Give kevin jude his joooollllliiiibeeeeee

Viewing 26 posts - 1 through 26 (of 26 total)
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