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Did Ford Ruin Their Manual Transmission? (Mustang)

Main Did Ford Ruin Their Manual Transmission? (Mustang)

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    Why The 2020 Ford Mustang Is Better With An Automatic Transmission Shelby GT500 Review – Subscribe for new videos every …

    Engineering Explained

    I spoke with Ford Engineers about this regarding GT500: You'll notice the GT500 takes a similar strategy to the new Mustang GT manual gearing. It has 7 gears, but 5, 6, and 7 are incredibly tall. Ford told me this was in balancing for street, track, and drag performance (taller gears for street use, highway cruising). I was also disappointed to hear from Ford engineering (about consumers) that there have been complaints about GT350 gearing, and that people want a shorter top (6th) gear, because the top gear doesn't have any acceleration. No kidding, it's for the highway! Again, GT350 follows the old gearing strategy, which IMO is best. People, if you want to accelerate, put the car in the right gear for it! If you don't want to shift gears, I hear they make transmissions that fit your needs. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Eniklis Nihm

    Well if I buy one I will have to increase the diff, by 30% to get some fun back in it!


    There's more to consider than just what makes you change gears more often, what gives the peak torque in any given gear, and what the 0-60 time is (0-60 being a horrible measure of anything useful).

    You need to look at the whole power curve and plot RW torque vs vehicle speed. For street driving, closer isn't always better and if the car has the torque to tolerate a bigger RPM drop between gears, that's often a better solution on the street. Maybe I'm just too old school, but to me a 5L V8 with a 6spd has plenty of gears. I like manuals, never consider buying autos, but I still don't want to be changing gears unnecessarily. My Fiesta needs lots of gears because it doesn't have a lot of power / torque, so it needs those gears to keep the RPM sky high, my Vette doesn't need the gears and incessantly changing gears is not as enjoyable because the engine doesn't need it.

    Also, I generally prefer cars that have more evenly spaced gears than a close ratio + 1 highway gear, one reason being that sometimes you need to drive a bit slower than highway speed and top gear is too short but your 2nd last gear is too long because of the big gap. My Vette is a 5 speed TKO600, which is basically a close ratio 4 speed + highway 5th gear. Driving at 70+mph, 5th is great for cruising, but drop much below 60mph and you need to drop it to 4th which is just unnecessarily revvy.

    Brian Johnson

    If 0 to 60 times are equal, acceleration is equal and therefore Gs are equal? At least average Gs from 0 to 60.


    This is how ford want to kill manual transmission
    The want you to like automatic

    Andres Perez

    I want your opinion on Throttle Body Spacers. What benefits do they actually have on both fuel injected and carbureted engines and what causes the sound they make


    Ford ruined their manuals when they stopped using Tremec and switch to a Chinese made Getrag.


    I have a similar complaint about my 2015 WRX, but in the opposite direction. One of the few things I hate about it is that 5th and 6th gears have virtually identical ratios, so I always shift from 4th to 6th both on the street and and highway, essentially making 5th gear totally useless. A gearing strategy like the 2015 GT sounds absolutely wonderful.

    Then again, I'm just thankful Subaru is still making a relatively low-tech car with a manual transmission. No amount of computer trickery will make a paddle-shifted automatic fun in my view. If I wanted a luxury touring car, I would have bought one!


    This is to prevent people from wrecking the manual vehicles and tarnishing the Ford name. Lol

    William Patterson

    You should have looked at wheel torque as a function of vehicle speed instead of gear. Having taller gears and a higher readline means staying in lower gears longer, which might make a difference in magazine quarter mile times if you can cross the line near redline without an extra shift.

    Dillon Alexander

    Wow that's annoying, but now I see why my 05 civic had such close gear ratio. It was fun to drive all 115HP. I always wished it had a sixth gear with a long ratio.
    Please let fun cars be fun, there are lots Prius on the cheap.


    Can you please do a video comparing the gear ratios of the Camaro SS , Camaro ZL1 and ZL1 1LE in automatic and manual transmissions please !!!


    Probably wont see this, but here we go. If there is any material change from 2015-2020 they might have lowered the weight, thus requiring the vehicle to push less and giving you the same "sat back in your chair" feeling. Not sure if they did, but it would be a possibility. I read that the 2015 mustang had an aluminum hood, but the rest of the body was uni-constructed steal where as the 2020 has aluminum fenders as well as the hood, and maybe more.

    Jonas Wudkwych

    You are never gonna drive down the highway red lining your car unless you just want to open it up. 2nd gear will get you up to 75 at 7500 rpm not that you want to keep it there. The big difference you are seeing is the combination of gears and higher rpm available because of a stronger engine honestly this is a good move from the engineers since the old gears wouldn't work on the higher rpm and they now have the extra torque to work with. Keep in mind these are the top speeds in a gear at 7500 not what you would be driving at unless you were attempting a 1/4 mile…

    Xinnie The Pooh

    Nice mustang drawing, except not enough people being mowed down.


    That first gear torque reduction is probably thanks to the newbs that turn off TC and end up in a ditch.

    Dean o

    New car old gearbox got it!

    Phillip VanSickle

    Damn…and all this time I've been enjoying my 2018 Mustang GT Manual.

    ุนูŽู„ูŠ ุงู„ุญูุณูŽูŠู†ูŠู‘

    Just throw in a T56 and youโ€™re all set


    i have a 2018 GT and i regularly get 24 mpg IN TOWN and can easily achieve 32~35 mpg on the highway


    I feel like you must have never driven/raced a Mustang with the Getrag gearbox….

    Also, the answer: "why did they do this?" Because the Getrag was a pile of chinesium junk and couldn't reliably handle the extra torque of the MY2018 Coyote. And because the Tremec 6060 was already developed for the Mustang and required zero R&D to implement the change.

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