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Did I Just Buy a $500 El Camino

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    Buying a $500 El Camino Project Car. Cheap cars to buy for a project. The best and worst project cars to buy, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. How to buy …

    Scotty Kilmer

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    Raiden Protecter of Earthrealm

    Car in the front truck in the back. The mullet of cars

    Jay Polo

    That blazer was a joke a mini Ford explorer

    Kenny Rick

    I always wanted one of these

    Midnight Mystery

    5:53 If GM is making it it'll be screwed up!

    Midnight Mystery

    Those old Chevys were great!


    Tennessee Titans sticker on it? It’s a goddamn keeper, previous owner had taste.

    Jezzy Boi

    Im in Memphis TN
    I need to bring a car to you ASAP

    Jarvis Longoria

    Scotty what’s your opinion on a 67 mustang with the 289 as a first car?

    SP FromNY914

    I have that SAME EXACT CAR!!!…
    IN GTA 5

    Guy Phillips {Texas}

    Scotty, I owned a 1966 El Camino with a 283 cu. in. engine and used to cruise Bill Williams Attifs, Princes' back in the day and I loved it.

    E Sebastian Colebrooke

    Hi Scotty I’ve got a 97 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer They replaced the engine how do I tell if the gaskets are blown from a cracked head …

    Lorne Beck

    You tell us Scotty


    too bad chevy is so bad now, everyone would be afraid to buy new el camino 🙁

    itsLean ★

    Love that car. Always wanted an El Camino, but it's not an option here. I own a Taunus 1981 (Ford, made in Argentina) and I'm quite happy with it. It's manual, it has lot of things to do, but it just works well as a daily driver. I know, not as reliable as a new one, but it's cheap on taxes, it's on GNC, that's cheaper than gas here, and I'm learning a lot with it.


    That looks like the same-era Ranchero my cousin used as a tile setters truck for years out in Cal. The bench seat had a stiff spring wire poked through the passenger side so it could rip a nice bloody gouge into your leg. Never bothered to fix it – passengers just had "be sharp" to avoid it.

    The Rusty Hubcap US

    Yes Scotty, yes you did…


    Scottys going to Do the Tranny…

    Desevilla customs

    Man, I wish I was that lucky to get one of those at that price!😍

    Jeff Eppenger

    Scotty is going to be pissed with this 81 El Camino .. there is no where to plug in his $5000 scan tool 😮

    William Collins

    I don't know how people find cars like this for $500 I've looked and looked all I ever find is old 80s sedans or rust buckets or shells I just don't get it am I just looking in the wrong places? I've been looking at cragslist offer up Facebook let go you name it any advice!?!?


    hey hey hey we can't help the conditions in New York Especially Upstate… Doesn't help that they spray the most caustic crap on the roads during the winter

    Joe Clarke

    Rev Down your bench seat Saturday night activities unless you want a son who can later restore an El Camino.


    el camino best car i ever had


    Fun watching Scotty illustrate all the reasons I still drive old Chevy's.

    I think you get a better value for your dollar on cars like this, worst case it blows up you get another one.

    Kevin C

    my neighbors el Camino was a beast….the ground used to shake when he rolled by…


    I have a 1981 el camino with the 350 and she rips!!!!


    I think you overpaid.

    Matthew Wach

    Scotty please keep us in the loop on the restoration! Better yet, make a new series!

    David Farmer

    In Clarksville! Always loved the El Camino!


    Good find


    Love it!


    note to self: Shoot video first, have cocktail hour – second

    Tyronne Shoelaces

    Not bad for 500 bucks

    James Densolow

    I just picked up a dark metallic blue el Camino with the 4.3 it wasn’t 500 bucks though…you guys practically stole that thing for 500

    21nix onme

    Pretty common body and model and yeah you can find them fairly cheap. Personally I never cared for these square body Caminos but they're okay.


    I own a 78. However I paid 6k.

    Marc L

    Two posts later and " Here's Why Chevys are Crap "

    Ethan Longe

    Wish I could find one for $500. Around here they are around $2000 for a project, worse shape than that one 😂

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