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Diesel Go Kart Build! | We Bought the CHEAPEST Diesel on eBay!

Main Diesel Go Kart Build! | We Bought the CHEAPEST Diesel on eBay!

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    We bought the cheapest diesel engine available on eBay (however the engine was still very expensive). We’ve been wanting to build a diesel go kart for years, …

    John Munro

    I am led to believe that the engine you have ,.and I have on a water pump ,is a clone of a yanmar

    dustin declue

    Yanmar clone. Should be able to look up Yanmar for more info and maybe parts. They cloned a tried and true design. We've used Yanmars to pump barges for decades. You can't hardly kill those things. We've got some fron the 90's still running. I always wondered how one would do on a go kart with the right gearing. Thanks for doing this.

    *To pull start, hold the comp switch, pull 3x, pull till it stops, put the switch down. (It should stay down) then rip it. You get some nasty recoil if you don't have the switch down.

    Allen Seferagic

    Put a little turbo on it 😂

    mario megale

    All I could think that whole video

    Foreign shit runnin on diesel dawg.

    matthew balciar

    yall should turbo it!!!

    Jerry Mccall

    Whats rong with the miata

    riley howser

    Put it in the monster truck


    If you guys are looking for some performance mods for these diesels I have quite a bit of experience with these. The head benefits from some mild porting. The fuel can also be turned up (there's a max travel adjustment screw near the black oil filter screen plug). Also set my governor to 4000 rpm (I'd pull the side case off and check the rod nut torque before you do though because as you've seen already the QC on china clones sucks lol). I can also send you guys one of my 3D printed intakes that fits a K&N filter if you want.

    Jack Worrell

    I'd put it on the radio flyer


    THATS a brigs vanguard diesel clone
    use 15w40



    Luke Kennedy

    Diesels are only meant to rev up to about 3500 rpm so you won’t have the same engagement as with a higher reving gas engine

    Sleeper Core

    Send the tecumsa to Louisville

    Mike C

    If i has an oil pump, (i know small engines dont have them but its a diesel) use 15w40 oil.


    hey ryan

    RC Maniac

    This is the motor that belongs on the rat rod wagon

    Richard Felix

    That thing needs to go on a big gokart

    Paul S

    the generic Chinese diesel! luv it!! have a look on Alibaba. you can get specs and stuff from similar. they are actually pretty cheap ordered direct from mfgr's, but then you pay freight, hence the cost here in US.
    great thing about diesels in karts you can run really tall gearing for speed bcoz mondo torque


    yeah pick the smallest frame…

    John Kelly

    If it holds up, get another lawn mower, put one of those in it, then you will have a true coal rollin tractor

    Timothy Smith

    That Chevy truck body that you had it was white you’re going to make another truck make it look like a semi or like a regular truck and put that diesel engine in the truck so it’s a diesel power truck if we need just wondering if you guys could do it because this car it will be cool if you guys put a diesel engine inside of a truck


    Put Delo 15W-40 in it…

    Wade Bradley

    Been gone for hot minute only to come back to a diesel powered slo-mo clip. Well played gents, well played.

    dan mackintosh

    4:58 Maytag washing machine engine?

    My2 Cents

    I got an epic race frame and wheels for sale

    Jakub Matyaszek

    I found engine like your's
    Unfortunetly you Will translate describe, because it's in Polish Language

    Kody Hankins

    I will take the tucomsey

    Yellow Creek Speed Shop

    Y’all getting rid of the tecumseh

    Shaun Zamenick

    How much do you want for that Tecumseh engine?

    Christopher Fate

    Do a 6×6

    Richard Browne

    "You should know by now everything you buy with no name is probably made in China!" Not good quality products. "You bought the engine from Ebay?! "Good luck with it! That engine belongs on the front end of a long nose Go-Cart. Build something like Grind Hard Plumbing with the engine in front like the rat rod radio flyer project. "How is the pick up truck doing?"

    Dax arms

    I just had a thought put it on the rat rod wagon and will probably steer


    I always used Rotella 40 weight in all my semi-trucks so it ought to be good enough for that little thing.

    Brian Proffitt

    Why not make an offroad go kart you could use for camera kart at mini mayhem

    steve c

    The ones on Ebay says "Read manual carefully before operation"!

    Ronnie Williz

    Love the longer length vids great job guys keep up the great work 👊👍💯


    Dang! That's a Volvo p1800 @5:09. Love from Sweden <3


    i need a used tecumsh

    Eric Zajac

    Jeez, Ike could put rear view mirrors on his knees with that kart.

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