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Diesel Kart is a Wheelie Machine! | Performance Mods, Tractor Flap, Doughnuts, Wheelies!

Main Diesel Kart is a Wheelie Machine! | Performance Mods, Tractor Flap, Doughnuts, Wheelies!

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    We attempt to do diesel performance modifications on our 411cc diesel go kart, but everything we look at on the engine has some kind of factory defect!


    Turbo diesel go kart 🤭?

    Harl Oland

    It is probably externally balanced and a diesel needs mass to overcome compression to complete combustion

    Dustin Kreger

    Make it a actual turbo engine! Diesel motors love boost

    David Rush

    Castoring wheelie bars and independent rear brakes are the obvious upgrades for this and maybe a truck body….

    Mason Kauffman

    It would be cool to see a turbo vtwin

    Mason Kauffman

    What happen to the turbo big block

    Adam Farrell

    The people want to see a turbski then when the wheelies arnt as fun 4wd tow cart for offroad recoveries

    Donavan Roland

    Looks like somebody was hitting your switches too. That tree wheel motion makes the frame look bent.


    #12:09 FAST And furious Tokyo Drift Confirmed


    That's about $1,500.00 worth of fun! And I got about $50 worth just watching, thanks!

    Joe Sammy

    It would make a good roto tiller

    Hank Burton

    Wild willy right there

    garrett honeysuckle

    Terbo time

    Per Rimnell

    Should hade been nice with a differential and steering brakes on the wheels. Ant turbo😁

    Gradon Pannell

    Just had a golden idea while staring at 670 predator on marketplace so I came here to give it to you guys.. build a recliner kart!!!! Find an old decent recliner (yes an actual living room furniture recliner) and mount it on a frame and just ride around in style at busco next year lol

    Ryan Herring

    Y’all need to put that little turbo on it and stick it on something with bigger wheels and tires so you can use all that torque

    Justin Ojeda

    New fav channel


    Mini turbo? That thing would be awesome to see with one

    David Kelm

    Its a diesel gokart ! No its the back yard DIY Tilt'A'whirl , torque monster 4×4 rock crawler


    You need to turbo it and put it on the monster truck

    The Newman’s

    This idea turned out to be more fun to watch than I thought it would. 👍

    Jason Rogers

    Yanmar clone you can get parts a little hard to find but they are or look at garden tractor pulling sites or forms for the modifications that the pulling guys do.


    Naturally asperated diesels are dogs. Due to the low vacuum of a running diesel its hard for them to suck enough air in for combustion (rolling coal) you can forget about any considerable power. Slap a small Ebay turbo on there, turn the fuel pump up and you'll see a considerable change in power and torque.


    Steampunk go kart! Love it!

    Caleb Castleman

    Put the ol’ diesel on a kart tow vehicle!

    Jo N Ard

    Lmao you guys totally built a circus gokart.


    Put it on the mini atv or something with 4wd

    Michael Henderson

    Put it on the rat rod wagon

    stu S

    SEND IT!!!

    Gregg Oliver

    Hey i know,Ducatti motor in cross cart????

    Joey Potz

    Set motor is pretty cool even though it is slow still can have tons of fun

    Jas Frank

    steerable wheelie bar

    Dustin Young

    Remove the torque converter & replace it with a straight chain drive clutch system & you'll see way better top speed & a whole lot more torque

    Dustin Young

    Add some caster wheels on the rear

    jason Geer

    You need to weld a Caster wheel to your back bumper

    HDR Engine Development

    Seems like it could be pretty epic with lots taller gearing. The massive torque should make it move pretty good. The diesel stroke length probably isn't going to do a lot of revs in one piece, but I imagine 4500 rpm is reasonable.

    Madison Jay

    Turbo it

    Connor Bryan

    Do some research I think you can turn a fuel screw somewhere get a little more fuel to it

    John May

    All them wheelies will save money on front tires 😂

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