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Discovering Engine Issue in my Salvaged Title Mustang GT…(Not Good)

Main Discovering Engine Issue in my Salvaged Title Mustang GT…(Not Good)

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    Things are not looking good… In the video I accidentally put the wrong discount code! The correct code is ‘TJ25OFF’ …. USE IT HERE: …

    Joe Smartballs

    This car ain't worth $10,000. Can get a new 800hp one with zero miles for 40k. 😅

    Octane Overdrive

    Ok I literally just went through this exact same issue with my Volvo. (Ford and Volvo share parts)

    Spent months chasing it and it ended up being my variable valve timing solenoids. I have a video about it on my channel.

    Not saying that's what it is, but it might be worth looking in to.

    Mason McGavock

    You fucking pryed the spark plugs gap open with pliers and a screw driver, iridiums are fragile. Wtf were you thinking. No wonder it’s misfiring

    Luis Ramos

    U need to hit the gym

    Juan Martinez

    Calvin el nino😂😂😂

    Liam Schwarz

    Are you sure that was a stretch Calvin? Looked like a flex to me hahaha tank tops in the muscle car smh for the memes eh

    Quinton Daniels

    Dinotune the car

    Quinton Daniels

    Don’t blow it up man .

    Quinton Daniels


    Timothy Hubbard

    Cal shaves his armpits

    Lions_LB_ 47

    Anyone know where is the best school or place to learn about repairing cars

    Ryan Bertoldi

    WIDER than my thighs…"did you say WIDER or WHITER?" …"YES WHIDER" …lol

    Anthony Smith

    Ya Calvin with dope Merch plugs.

    Andrew Miller

    Hmm tj is that full send talk in the end hinting towards a wide body on the stang or 458? Or maybe a full send on a replacement for the 458🤷🏼‍♂️


    Full send= aventador?

    Kevin White

    It's been over a month since we had any RX7 content. Please????

    Christopher Smith

    Teeg arms are running lean, somebody local please direct him to a tanning salon

    Mr Fluz

    Oh no .. oh well he will just get a new engine from ford with all the bells and whistles for free just like his blower

    Alexander Jones

    What’s the outro music?!🔥

    Shaded Outcaster206

    Is it because you have a supercharger and you end up drawing more from the engine… Something i heard may be wrong on parts but they dont help it as much top as turbos would

    Jordan Zell

    It's your throttle body bud. Switch back to the OE large single butterfly Throttle Body. Won't mess with the tune either.

    Michael Rivera

    Put the car on a dyno

    Stewart Brummet

    RIP headphones

    Esdars Guillen

    Compression test!!!


    Call kurgan Motorsports! Bob Kurgan is an amazing tuner on mustangs in Gainesville Ga. Look up Kurgan Motorsports Instagram or Facebook. I have a 2017 with Hellion twin turbos tuned and built by him. It runs amazing! He also travels to the west coast from time to time to tune cars. He can send you etunes as well.

    They Hate Us Cuz they Anus

    Lmao boy wtf , why you gapping plugs too 0.9 . Gap the to 0.026-0.028 for most boosted cars at least for fords 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Brian Robinson

    EGR Valve! I had a 2006 Focus ST that had really bad misfiring issues and after weeks of researching the issue I finally came across one forum that someone said egr valve and it cleared up the problem instantly


    Not the spark plugs man the thing is running lean ,you have a lean misfire it sounds like

    White Shadow Gt

    Teej you’re running stupid lean. You want your AFR to stay at 14.7 or as close as possible. I’ve seen plenty of cars at the strip blow from leaning out. Whether that be nitrous, turbo, blower, I’ve even seen N/A cars blow from having a really lean tune. You’re lucky it hasn’t blown reading as low as 9. 11 is bad and wouldn’t drive it at all until you get it straightened out. Love the videos man!!

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