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Disrespected Evo "A New Hope" (Tik Tik Boom)

Main Disrespected Evo "A New Hope" (Tik Tik Boom)

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    Tik Tik Boom – The EVO shakes the room! (with an almighty disrespected nose) Can we fix it? A New Hope… What is Disrespected Nose? Minimal editing.

    Mighty Car Mods

    Smash an MCM Lanyard on your car keys and be king of the street!

    Miguel Defares

    Read the comment section 😂

    redline xxx

    I like a charred carrot with my Bush turkey baked dinner

    Jacob Whittle

    Launch it off 7k or you break shit if you don’t get wheels spinning off the launch


    Most mitsubishi ticks from day one, not just evos. Same thing as all VW's have the check engine light on all the time.

    Te Rangihouhiri II

    Hydro lifters….it's a mitzi thing hahaha

    Jalopy Joe

    If you jack the car up 10-12", and put it on stands it won't kill your back so bad. It's kind of an uncomfortable job, been there a few times.

    lacossa nostra

    i want to see a proper canidate against the gof like a nissan gtr or a alfa romeo gulia qv vs the golf !!


    The ending was perfect

    Nick Bougourd

    Random question, what is the tune at the end of the video? Keep up the good work

    Anthony Thomas

    My friend Thomas still has his Evo 8. Over 500whp on E85.

    Matija B

    It's not analog vs digital, it's electric vs acoustic.


    Time for a Yaris GRMN

    James Reilly

    Loving the disrespected nose in-depth videos!

    Fordy Ford

    Just a couple of blokes working on their car…….. but without beer? Pretty good insight to how long jobs take rather than a 20 min vid edited down.

    wheeln 24/7

    For all their trash talking and episodes acting like they hate, the 2sexy vs twisted saga, ones like this where you can tell they're best buds are awesome. I only recently started watching so I'm kinda new to these guys and still getting to know what they're like. Awesome show guys! Im watching from now on!

    Jacob Whitton20165

    That is a awesome video great job MCM. looking forward to seeing more banger videos like this in the future. love you guys heaps, you are the ones who inspired me to get into cars and boost my knowledge so I want to say thank you 🙂


    27:25 damn Marty



    Mister Vibes



    I had mitsu legnum vr6 with a similar problem. You had to use 5w-30 oil with it or the ticking got worse and worse. I sold the car and later found out that it was the reason it blew the motor with stock power. So people use the oil it is meant to be with!

    Tom Mcloughlin

    Do some bike videos you dogs

Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)
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