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DIY | TracWrap Paint Protection Install

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    Come springtime, there’s a lot of leftover gunk and grit on the roads from winter. If you want to get out and drive without worrying about errant pebbles that could …

    Dreyfus Nineteen

    i lovre it when you yanks try to go metric. 8mm ia approx one quarter of an inch ..that vinyl wrap is no where near that thickness

    alistair harris

    Why not just use clear plastidip spray on. Cheaper and no air bubbles. The thicker you apply it the easier it peas off.

    alistair harris

    That is not 8mm thick. 8mm is the thickness of your iPhone. Maybe .8mm so for Americans 1/32 of an inch. Metric system baby, it’s not hard.

    Abunai One

    I can just see the paint peeling off when removing this product, especially on those vehicles that didn't have any primer under the paint, like my Chevy Express van.

    Brian Weir

    "It's just a car" is like saying "it's just money" when you have to pay to repaint all that damaged enamel.

    My biggest issue with this is that it's temporary paint protection. That's a very labor intensive process having to put it on and take it off the entire car for a product you can't leave on the car on a long term basis.

    Jhon Arellano

    sub in spanish pleaseee!!!!

    Dave B

    I think it's probably 0.8 mm not 8 mm.


    I don't have the energy to own a vehicle to worry about driving it an road dirt ruining it

    Cambell Evans

    8mm? That can't be right, 8 mm is just short of 1 cm.

    FTBY59 Mike D

    Man, I cringe when I hear you pulling it off…I fear more paint damage than any stone might cause!


    Is this the same stuff they put on freshly painted fenders during restoration so they don’t get scratched ?

    Sigit Sasmita

    Cool video 😎


    I want Your T-shirt, now…:P


    The rocks in the roads around me must be a little more aggressive as they aim for windshields.


    cool t-shirt. i want this. where to get?


    Hey man, awesome video.

    Probably a stupid question. Is it possible to get this kind of protection for the windscreen? to protect against stone chip 🙂

    Best regards!

    hooligan alliance

    Does it protect the crowd you mustang turds always seem to crash into? Report back with results

    Anthony Edmonds

    Or pay a professional to install PPF correctly.


    Use a enclosed trailer ………….

    Jo Blo

    Cool 👍👍

    Julebygda Rednecks

    Buy a truck

    Kamil Frączek

    The glue is definitely too strong in my opinion.

    L33t_ A2

    0:47 I think you meant 8 mil

    Dynamic Ideas

    Very nixe

Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 (of 25 total)
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