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    When it comes to wire gauge, size does matter. Hagerty’s 12v enthusiast, Matt Lewis, gives a basic explanation of the importance of proper wire gauge and …

    Skye Fuego

    i got a question. my wire that goes from the starter to the positive terminal of the battry is short. ( my car was broken into and they stole the battery) can i buy the same gauge wire and solder it together ?


    Jesus, I can smell the insulation smoke from here.

    Val Rigoli

    You only told half the story, and did not mention the hand in hand and extremely important 'resistance over distance' scenario and how to calculate for it!

    Barb Melle

    From Leo: Good demonstration. BTW, be aware that the kind of plastic they use on insulation is really toxic when it smokes. Stay healthy Matt.


    There are so many details to wiring things safely-wire gauge is important-so is the jacket temperature rating, compatibility with fuel and oils, proper termination and many other factors. Be aware. Solder and shrink sleeve all connections. BTW- solid wire provides more current capacity then stranded wire, for a given gauge-but should NEVER be used in a vehicle

    AngryRed Banjo

    12 volt enthusiast, lol gotcha!

    Charles Dyer

    Good info !!

    Matt Robin

    No replacement for displacement engines and wire

    my name is 905

    Plus it's really stinky too when it cooks up,yuck! ▪☆☆☆▪


    What you forgot is that manufacturers wil underdimention wiring as much as they can to save money. Sure, your headlights will work just fine with something like 16 gauge, but would benefit from 12 or 14 gauge to decrease voltage drop. Cheap connectors will last past warranty, then after that it`s not their problem…..

    Beefalo Bart

    Had to rewire a few boats years back. One I had to rewire and hack after I didn't inspect it prior to launching it. Got out for night fishing with guys from the shop. One of the guys tried to fire it up after a few hours of off and on use. The idiot who owned it before us had used the wrong gauge wire and it was solid core home type wire. It melted from end to end leaving us with no way to crank the engine 2 miles from the landing at 2am. Trolling motor was done the same way and took some odd hacks to get enough wire to run the trolling motor to get us home safe.

    Errtu Zarathos

    Never understood awg.. only morons give smaller number for bigger cross section of wire.. like us has ended up with 0, 00, 000 wires… Cos that makes sense.

    Colin D

    WGDM. Has a bit of a ring to it


    Whats a gauge 1 wire, and what happens if you need a bigger wire? the gauge system running backwards seems counter intuitive. For example thousand kilowatt lines im assuming are much bigger than whatever a gauge 1 is. How do we then classify that? There is a limit to how small a wire can theoretically get but at the other end of the spectrum you can hypothetically have a block of metal the size of a moon thats insulated that could handle unthinkable amount of power. Not that this is something we've ever built or that there is even enough copper in the solar system to do so but the extreme example is to illustrate the point im trying to make here.


    Always use largest wire everywhere? got it.

    Jeff Barr

    Again the metric equivalent system makes more sense. Smaller number = bigger wire…..SMH.

    Jerry Miller

    also stay away from aluminum wire. In some data applications they try to sub in something called cca copper cover alum. at any rate less current carrying for a given wire gauge plus brittle.


    Who else was wired up while watching this vid? 😳

    That guy who cannot abide

    Something I've found that works well on old cars I would buy (and not want to invest heavily in them) – hook up a second negative cable. Old electrical cables/wires corrode inside, or sometimes develop breaks in some of their wire strands. Too, the cable or woven grounding strap going from the engines to the firewall were fully exposed, and flexed all of their lives. I'd go to the parts store, grab whatever pre-made negative-lead (in those clear plastic boxes up on the wall) had an eye at one end for a bolt, and whatever connector I needed to attach it to the older-cable's battery post clamp. I'd then run that 'second' negative cable from something like the head, the alternator bracket bolt, or what-not, back to the battery. It just about always made the start motors spin faster and made the vehicles run better.

    Tired Again

    I've seen lots of cobbled together wiring! Nice simple explanation of correct wire size for the load. You can't over stress proper over-current protection! Use the correct size fuze or breaker for the wire size and electrical problems become an inconvenience not a disaster!

    Rafael Torchio

    The correct wire and a quility fuse. Bad fuses from china melt the housing and break the cirquit past their amp capacity.

    Jeff Williams

    Thank you very informative.

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