Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Do88 Radiator and Coolant Hose Kit Install on My Turbo X!

Main Do88 Radiator and Coolant Hose Kit Install on My Turbo X!

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    Check out do88 here: Today I install Do88’s radiator and coolant hose kit on my 2008 Saab 9-3 Turbo X! Check out my new shirt here: …

    Peter van den Berg

    how long did it take you to change all the hoses?

    Dennis Spors

    Got the Aero out of storage today. On the way home I thought what a fun car to drive

    magna vox

    I got a lot of do88 stuff for my volvo. They are always solid parts and fit well. The intercoolers are a work of art.


    coolats got anti corrosion substances in them when they are new but they degrade overtime and start to corrode parts.


    what i really want to see is turbo / injectors / clutch upgrade 🙂

    Boogeyman B

    I sold my saab 9-3 vector turbo inmaculated to paid a week summer camp in Yale University…I hope will be a good decision

    Dennis Spors

    I changed to all DO 88 hoses. I found after a heat cycle the clamps needed to tighten again or there are leaks. Get a hose removal tool


    Lots of hoes 🤣

    DTW Fishing Concepts

    Recently picked up a 2010 9-3, always loved SAABS, my friends and my awesome neighbor always had them. He drove from Maine to Hudson MA everyday for decades. He had a awesome 9000 CSE that he put 450k no issues. Great cars, I want one for everyone in my family.


    I'm liking these new mod videos, keep it up

    michael Sanseverino

    It's dex cool people say it's fix but I say bull dex cool eats engine parts over time. There was a class action lawsuit over it. My fix is change it once a year.


    Solution to ensure that your B284 engine (and turbo) doesn’t overheat and burn out coils and batteries :

    1. Remove plastic engine cover (as in video)
    2. After a hard run :
    a. Idle the engine for a couple of minutes to dissipate the hot gases
    b. Open hood to dissipate heat very quickly

    Derpy Neon Turtle

    When you gonna clean the engine bay looks dirty

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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