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Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye | Life Insurance Not Included

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    We review the 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye, a followup to our Dodge Demon video which covered all of the technical details. In this video, we talk …


    Nancy boy must be a BMW or Prius lover to not like this car.  I'm a bit surprised that he didn't call his Mom during the drive and have her tell him to slow down.  I bet he's afraid of roller-coasters and tilt-a-whorls also.

    Michael Zhu

    More fun than an Ariel Atom ?


    The Hellcat: it will take you from 0 to DEAD in 3 seconds

    Robert Arutunian

    I understand the attraction of this car. Kind of hearkens back to the Superbirds of the past. Agree dangerous if driven to the extreme. I remember reading that two older gentlemen awhile back trying to do top speed and had permit to run on a runway. They ran out of runway and the car ultimately flipped and both were killed.

    steven pereira

    Very slow car at the track.

    J. Morris

    Awesome car. I wouldn't mind having one myself, but my R/T is enough for now. I may get into a Scat Pack in the later future, but I think a Hellcat would get me in trouble like they mentioned in the video.

    Dodge may want to consider lowering the price of the SRTs to compete with the new C8. It's obvious that Chevrolet is targeting the younger audience with a car that does 0-60 under 3 seconds for less than $60K. That and the interior of the C8 looks great (subjective) and well polished vs the Hellcat's interior. One could argue that they're both completely different cars as one is a sports car and the other is muscle. However, if I was given a choice between the 2, I'd be honestly hard-pressed. I love the look of all Challengers for their retro looks first and foremost; the power is just an added bonus. But with the C8, I would get all that it offers for a competitive price point that other manufacturers can't touch from a value perspective. Again, Dodge needs to make a move.

    Gorilla Toyz

    100% agree. The interior hasn’t changed since it was originated. Yet I bought one anyway only a 707HP 2017 Hellcat , it was fun as hell , Super Charger music to the ears… traction now resolved was Shyte! Looking forward to a lighter electrified chassis refresh next decade

    ScatPack Moparz

    For those of us who buy cars like this, we dont care too much about the interior. We buy cars like this for the raw power. The thrill. And the dance on the line between life and death because that's the thrill.

    David C.

    I don't get why they start talking as if they had never hears what a muscle car is about? Mentioning redundant points as disadvantages

    Luca Meschino

    It’s called testosterone. Obviously you two don’t have it.

    David Jenkins

    Lol great video! People don't buy the Hellcat series to be civilized in, they buy them to act a fool!


    I remember when the chrysler 300 came out I guess in like 2003 or so, the designer said this : it's better to be the first choice of 10% of the market, than to be the 2nd choice of 100% of the market.. I guess this is how I feel about this car.

    Hamim Mahatab

    9 mpg??????


    them savage geese always running everything


    I enjoyed this. I’m one of those customers who doesn’t care about the interior. I’ve owned 5 Challengers now and I’ve loved them all. Never thought I’d be interested in trading in my sublime hellcat for a redeye but after watching this, I”m either going to consider it or (most likely) when my warranty is up I’m doing the pulley, injectors, plugs and the tune to give that sumbitch the redeye+ treatment. I’m Mopar beer goggles all day with the others in the Brotherhood of Muscle.

    Jermaine Crump

    Love it !!! U can really hall ass in this … Too bad it's not gonna last lmao … Especially once u get Thur dukes of Hazzarding it all over your neighborhood like a jackass 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Aleksandra Jankowska

    6:04 its all I got to say!

    Dylan Brooks

    What is Jack's youtube channel?

    Adrian Michalski

    You make the highest quality car videos on YouTube, with the cinematography, commentary and technicalities, but somehow you don't have a lot of subscribers.

    G. S.

    Almost no one daily drives a Redeye, and those that do give zero fucks about gas mileage. Just a protip, buddy.

    guy proulx

    Wal-Mart quality, sounds about right

    Godd Speed†

    Just Bought my 2019 Hellcat Redeye….. NO REGRETS! (& already shooting Flames) 🔥 Lol | CheckOut my Channel!

    Jason Tomschin

    It's a raw 70's muscle car in 2019 pricing. change my mind

    Dylan Wells

    Great video SavageGeese! I love the editing and the overall quality of the information and is phenomenal! However, I do have one question. Do you think that that with the new Ram interiors, Dodge will slowly get the 12-inch screen and some of the interior trims that are found in the newer 1500's? I would love if Dodge would incorporate a leather dashboard, subtle ambient lighting, new carbon fiber interior trims and replace the plastic speaker covers with metal ones. Pretty much take the new corvette interior and put it in the challenger!


    Downvote for the horrible laughing



    guy proulx

    I think i'll buy one, i love to burn my hard earned money

    keith .adams

    That battery was just a work of art

    Fraser Henderson

    Pointless excess can be great fun. My friend has a home built, 2,050 lb1970 Datsun 510 hill climb racer with 255 hp, 205 lbs ft on the ground from 2.1L NA Datsun motor. It's Porsche Guards Red and it screams like a tiger past 8,000 rpm and howls through it's Webers.
    Although it is a full up (and rather brutal) race car, it has 2 Sparco chairs and is legal for street use. The trunk is severely reduced in volume due to the presence of a fuel cell and structural items, so it doesn't go to the mall. It is competition ready with tire and suspension adjustments as needed.
    It hasn't gone racing for 15 years but it gets out frequently to disturb the peace. It's no daily but it's a user. It has probably cost around 90 to 100G to build, upgrade and maintain for 30 years, fuel NOT included.
    It is a very purposeful car but the purpose is utterly frivolous… or maybe very important. It makes a huge amount of pointless excess (and smoke) and causes face aching smiles and grins.
    And that's good enough. It's a very different offering from the Redeye but it comes from the same mental place.


    You're complaining about riding in a car I would give anything to even have a chance just to ride in. My dream car and you just shit all over it for being fast and fun. What a bummer.. 🙁

    Kade Lansford

    Holly burnout throwdown from SvageGeese???


    great name for a car……i guess "satan" and "lucifer" were already taken!


    This car screams MERICA and lazy cultural complacency


    Don't like the interior, you should see my 86 Omni GLH interior…ha

    Abbas Haider

    Im actually happy I dont have access to this car because I would without a doubt crash it!


    For 90k I'd rather spend it on a Tesla! Much quicker AND efficient!

    guy proulx






    George h

    @0:18 why is the corner of the hood sticking up?

    Cat Man

    Glad I live in a country where someone with no track experience can buy one of these, and spin it into oncoming traffic🤔

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