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Does EricTheCarGuy Still Work on Cars for a Living?

Main Does EricTheCarGuy Still Work on Cars for a Living?

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    I get this question a lot in the comments of my videos. Today I hope to answer that question for you. Am I still a mechanic? Well, I suppose that depends on what …

    Andrew Thompson

    Wait… 4/1…. It's this a fools?

    Luis Vasquez

    Everyone should be an expert from watching your vidos😂 you been doing great content for many years..maybe your subscribers should comment on what they would like to khnow how to do..and every couple of weeks you can touch up on it..idk ill continue to watch watever your able to post….


    I enjoyed fixing it forward , looking "forward" to seeing more of them.
    – Eddy


    Honestly if you started Fix-It-Forward back up and really put 110% into. It could definitely turn into something HUGE! especially with you being the only one during it. Or maybe even do a segment where you bring that person into the shop and teach them to fix their own vehicle. I’m sure the sponsors would donate the parts


    I'm so pleased for you, to see that you've been able to make the transition. I wondered if there might be a sag in viewership, because of the lack of interesting repair problems constantly coming into the shop. You've been able to overcome that by personality and video skill.

    Yodiesss Kamodiesss

    Great Video!


    I undestand that desire of trying to find that gig that works. I left automotive repair back in 1998 after 8 years of wrench turning. I was torn between working on cars or computers. I am happy to say that computers has paid me better, is a lot warmer and my body doesnt hurt as much. I still work on my cars and friends cars when its a warm day and they have pizza. But im happy im no longer doing it every single day.

    Devin Cahill

    Hope the machines like my comment


    April fools.


    The cake is a lie!!


    I'm an internet hundredair, and so far, I haven't given up my day job yet.
    Thats largely because the time end effort is way more than what people realize, and I'm amazingly lazy.
    You have a video production background, and make it look easier than it is, I think its good for people to hear about that at times.
    Carry on, and glad you are doing well despite the ADpocalypse events that seem to be happening every 36 minutes or so…..

    Thomas H H

    Going for the Steve Earle look ?


    Who cares? As long as he has his blue suit, he'll always be Papa Smurf

    Noel Hernandez

    I loved the fixing it foward series. Hope to see new videos soon.

    Michael Serrano

    Im turning 40… 40! In want my 30 back! XD


    I had a longer beard than you. when it turned gray like yours. I shaved it off. not going to be santa clause


    Ah guess that explains why there hasn’t been a day in the shop 3 video after all these years ;o

    alistair brady

    Well done. I have to say that I totally agree and love the fact you want to produce videos that you would want to watch. That makes the difference. Keep on doing what you do.


    Their is a lot of other people we can watch on YouTube that mechanics on just about everything so get your knowledge from them and let etcg do what he loves !

    Brandon Adkins

    Eric, I've said it before, we are happy for your success. I've been watching your videos since before the shop and before the beard. You've come a long way from laying on concrete with a camera in one hand and a wrench in the other. Keep up the good work dude!
    It's an inspiration to us all.

    george bonney90

    I appreciate u taking your time,when u could be doing anything,to make content for us,thank u sir

    peter sachs

    I'm calling April fools.

    Anthony Williams

    Oo. Homie not a mechanic? Does that mean more time for projects? Like a v12 swap in the gsr? Tank swap the element?

    Evan Watson

    Short version….. it's better to work on things when you want to versus when you have to. I was a full-time mechanic back in the early nineties when I was in my early twenties and I got so burned out on it that I locked up my boxes and didn't look at them for several years. it took a while to get back to where I even thought about doing much more than an oil change so it takes a special kind of person to continue on that path. There are so many pitfalls along the way. Burnout is a very real very very real thing. Keep your "bearings"..

    Brett Cannon

    Ok. You're a sellout. You're a cool guy but I lost respect

    Rodin Ramos

    Hello Eric just want to say thank you for everything you do… Q. How much are you asking for the mini?

    AlwaysChristian the Huguenot

    April fools

    S.C. Super Heavy

    I have enjoyed your videos over the past years and in the end it’s what makes you happy. I wish you nothing but success in no matter what you end up doing… mechanic, you tuber or observer of life. Wonder if anyone from discovery/history has ever approached you you for a tv show? Think you’d excel at that. Thanks again sir!


    Once a Mechanic now a Hipster. Why not? More $$$ being a Hipster. Sounds good to me. Keep growing that beard.

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