Monday, March 27, 2023

Does the GTR drop on the Skyline?! NEW LIFT!

Main Does the GTR drop on the Skyline?! NEW LIFT!

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    The day has finally come. We’ve been waiting for this day for a very long time. No more working on the car from the ground! Thanks to the help of all of the …

    Frank Carter

    2020 going HARD LETSSS GOOOOO

    Jamie Zeeman

    Well done illiminate! Marking off goals so early in the year! 2020 bout to get hit HARD 💪

    Marvin Rastrollo

    hell yeah!!!

    Elvis Servin

    Y’all are damn clowns dawg 🤣 fse

    Elias Nevarez

    randys sex voice fucking kills me 😂😂💀

    Jane uMm

    Welcome to our Future! What have ya been doing??? While I was at work its just career that. Happy New Year and Chinese New Year Coming up.

    Locally Broke

    I’m amped af for you

    Ryan Lott

    Next house I buy will have a shop so I can work on stuff at home easier. I can use a lift at work but having one at home I can get back into a long term project.


    Please bring back the grey joggers 🙏🏼

    Tc.1 Thecrazy.1

    13:05 damn thomas was to fast the only thing i se move is hes sword 😂👌🔥

    Andres Cruz

    2020 is Randy’s year

    Arvin Yoga

    Slowest. Hoist. Ever. LOL but, congrats man!!!

    jamie smith

    I Wanna see more of the e36

    Aram Guijarro

    Shane looks like a wizard

    Aidan Gandara

    Bro they high asf. XD


    I think a wheel/tire rack would look good next to the lift

    17redsport q50

    You really should've put piers in the floor where you installed that lift. The floor is way to thin its gonna crack over time and eventually give out.

    Steven Cao

    As a 15 year old w/o a car I’m just hungry to c Illiminate content so much bc u rlly have to work for ur dreams n I just love watching u guys but it’s not like u could double or triple upload each day 😔😂 so it leaves me reloading the page over n over until I c a video from ppl like Randy,Son and Kevin

    Adrian Reyes

    "So much room for activities!!!!" (>_<)/


    You forced them to move there lol

    Stian Martinsen

    Most anoying laughts!




    My girlfriends mom walked by at 7:22

    David Feder

    I've been watching for 2 years, and I just realized I never subscribed…

    Joel Jacob

    Like if Randys R32 looks sooooo good

    DonaldTheDuck Duckie

    When Thomas screamed and everyone got startled that shit got me cracking the fucking up 😂😂😂🤣


    warehouse is way better than illiminate warehouse.

    M K 6

    Lmaaaooo you’re so gayyyy😂😂😂 love your videos you guys are hilarious

    Homie Champ

    Um guys, I'm currently 16 and I'm contemplating starting up a YouTube channel. I want to post car videos but since I'm from the UK the car scene is different here. I just want your guys opinion on if I should start a channel and post regularly when I do get a car and start customising it


    The candy red 240sx would be proud how far you guys came. RIP

    Tyler Mort

    That orange scene had me!!!!

    Anthony Mendoza

    Bro what’s your filming camera here on this vlog? I’d love to know

    Jose Munoz

    Randy should do something like the berrics and put art on the wall! Have a dope artist come out and do some work! Would be very dope man. And I know Randy knows the berrics obviously! He’s a skater

    KD Drifts

    This is the funniest episode I ever seen lmao

    Suave Two

    im 18 in MA Lemme be an Illiminate Intern

    Oscar Ruiz

    Lol yall copying Christian 😂😂😂😂 why not have him do the floors save some money up

    Nick Gamino

    Looks dope af but, I see those drift carts in your video where do you get them at and what are they called

    ck lee

    When does the r34 get delivered????

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