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Doing This Will Make Your Engine Run Better

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    Doing This Will Make Your Engine Run Better, DIY life hacks and car repair with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Life hack that will make your engine run better.

    Scotty Kilmer

    This Toyota Hasn't Had an Oil Change for 100,000 Miles:

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    Valera Budaev

    Thanks for the video. I am a 2004 Ford Expedition owner with lean banks problem and no specialists in the range on 1000 miles. Will the replacing the same thing help my Triton 5.4? Thanks.

    james connor

    Hmmm experience…..lean …rich mixture and knowing what causes it…. is knowledge….?? Nitrogenss …carbon monoxides…


    I have same code p0171 on my 2003 corolla 😞

    Rafael Alonzo

    Scotty I have a Mustang V6 that makes a loud tapping noise I think it's the lifters and it taps constantly, should I keep revving up the engine???

    Isaiah Welch

    I hate to say it, but Scotty describes a Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF), while holding a Mass Air Pressure sensor (MAP). The difference is, one — the MAF — was used in OBD-1, which was prior to the standardization of US cars and trucks in 1996. After 1996, ALL cars and trucks sold in the US had to have the same baseline standard, OBD-2. The major changes was going from MAF to MAP sensors, and adding a second oxygen sensor downwind from the catalytic converter (OBD-1 systems, prior to 1996, only have one oxygen sensor, usually in the exhaust manifold) — which meant that cars and trucks could get higher mileage out of each tank of fuel, depending on engine speed, load, and air/fuel efficiency. Pressure sensors are used because a computer has an easier time adjusting for atmospheric pressure (14.7 lb. per square inch at sea level) for combustion purposes, while air flow, at higher elevations, is lower because the volume of air is smaller, though that volume of air could also be more dense, and therefore, at a higher elevation, a car could run richer as a result. A pressure reading, therefore, was used to enable the same air/fuel ratio, no matter the elevation, and therefore improve engine performance by mitigating rich running stemming from running at a higher elevation.

    Point here is, Scotty gets the kind of sensor wrong, and therefore the type of system wrong.

    Ryan Marsh

    So I looking at getting a car soon looking at the 2018 Honda Accord touring and the 2018 Toyota Camry XSE what’s better?

    Ivan Bautista

    What’s better Honda Civic or Accord between 2016 and up!! ?? Or Hyundai Elantra or Sonato I want one of those for my first car 🤔 So what you think?🥴 Mr.Sotty smartest man in the world ALV or anyone else


    My 5.4 f150 is burning oil and excessive coolant use, with 280k miles on it. Could this be a cause of ir running poorly?

    Dallas Barr

    Hi. A friend is selling an 02 4runner sr5 4×4 with the v6 and 198k miles. Dude said yes to $3,500 offer but said needs battery, a belt of some kind and a radio rewire. Michigan roads/ salt. This is going to be a first car for my soon to be 16 year old daughter and a spare for me and the wife. Should I? I'm a Ford guy but your videos…….

    Jeff Rone

    Howie Mandel got nuthin on Scotty!


    thank you for the how-to maf sensor!

    Bill Fitch

    Scotty, I have a 2011 Chevy Traverse and the code is a bad O2 sensor. The gas mileage is bad and getting a little worse. How difficult will it be to replace?


    Scotty, I see so many trucks (big and small) for sale with hundreds of thousands of miles on them! How many miles is too many miles fro a truck?

    Jeff Lambert

    My 02 Tahoe with the 5.3L has 276,000 and still running strong

    glenn Chuckie

    Buy a proper air filter but a pattern radiator for 79 bucks will do 🤣

    jordan rivers

    Hey Scotty I have a engine code p2098 in my 2006 jeep Wrangler. It has 162000 miles on it. Any help? Or can anyone help?

    Yee1zillion 0

    Hey Scotty what you think about straight pipe no cats on a silverado from 1990 to 2007 silverados and wonder if the too much back pressure is actually an issue or if it’s okay on the engine or even glass packs no cats thank scotty


    Excellent video Scotty!

    Brian N

    Scotty, I'm glad I found your channel! We're looking at a 2019 Chrysler Pacifica and a Toyota Sienna. I'm needing your opinion on this sir. You also caught my attention with the used Highlander too, so I'd like your two cents on a good year to look at. Thanks…..

    John Lax

    Hey Scotty! How do I ask a question? (About an 05 Matrix with 350,000+ miles!) Battery light came on intermittently over an hour of freeway driving (wipers slow when on, fine when off)…, then bogged down enough to just get off the freeway and call tow truck. Is it probably the alternator, or possibly something else?

    Jimmy Garza

    Hey Scotty try changing the fuel pump in that Suburban… 😏

    Robert King

    I have a 1996 Jeep Cherokee base model 4×4 5spd 4cyl. I'm having really bad heat soak issues with this thing. I'm no newbie to jeeps owned a ton of them. But this one is giving me the biggest headache. Took the motor fan off put a bigger fan that pulls more CFMs. But still heat soaking bad. Hood spacers bought them also to help get heat out of the hood. New water pump thermostat and radiator. Still same problem. Also wrapped the fuel rail an sparkplugs with themo shield stuff. If it sits in a stationary area for longer than 10mins starts running bad like heat soak/vapor lock. Any ideas anything will help…… Thanks again Robert.

    David Miller

    first blow it off leaf blower nice can engine cleaner


    My car does not have an engine. Its a Tesla.

    Lucho Kostov

    Exactly the last problem of my car. Changed the air senzor and the car was reborn, man It's like I am driving a different car. Thanks for the tips Scotty!

    paul wattaya

    scott what u think about a 2019 rav4 XLE FWD 8 speed auto 2.5 cyl im worried about the hybird CVT in them AWD electric motors more crap to go wrong with that i really dont need for and extra 16 HP let me know pal great vids

    Meaghan Babin


    My fiancé would like to know which is more reliable overtime, AWD or 4WD? Is a Toyota Tacoma more reliable over time than a RAV4?

    Thank you

    Lawrence Constantine

    Heres one Scotty code 1421 2009 N-Versa 1.8 service engine light comes some times it will stay on for 2-3 months then go out stay out for 2days or 2months then comes back on again and it generally does it more in the colder months?

    Jay B

    I have a 2006 trailblazer and I cleaned the throttle body with 117000 miles and no engine light . Disconnected the battery overnight to reset the computer and now I have an engine light on , just don't get it ??? It was running better and now it's worse but still drives ……… any clue??

    Ramon Gonzalez

    What brand engine air filter fo you use?


    Mechanic taking a guess sounds about right yep

    Ryan Bradley

    Could probably do a great Joe Peschi imitation!

    The Gigliotti’s

    Scotty what's your opinion on extended warranties on brand new vehicles?

    Dillon Robertson

    This man popped out the trunk😂

    D C Lary

    Hiya Scotty, I really want to know if I made the right choice or not. I replace almost EVERYTHING on my 2002 Honda Accord EX with the 2.3 and standard trans. Had 300k on her so I changed ALL the suspension, dropped in a used 60k engine with all new seals, gaskets, injectors and the same manual trans. The whole project took me 4 days and about $2500. Runs like a dream again. Did i make the right choice?

    Aedan Hickey

    Hey Scotty I'm in Africa rn and the number of Toyotas I am seeing is unreal lol i think you are right with the reliability of them.

    Brian Kennedy

    Mass airflow sensors don't wear out. They get dirty. There is a heated wire that air is directed over. The air cools the wire. So you can determine how much airflow by how much the wire has cooled. Get dirt on the wire and it insulates the wire and screws up the reading. Clean the wire and good as new. Also sometimes a bug gets stuck in the passage leading to the wire. The small hole at top of inlet. Remove bug, good to go.

Viewing 40 posts - 1 through 40 (of 46 total)
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