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Doing This Will Make Your Power Windows Last Forever

Main Doing This Will Make Your Power Windows Last Forever

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    Doing This Will Make Your Power Windows Last Forever, DIY life hacks and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Car life hacks. How to make power windows last …

    Maverick *

    Just remove the catalytic converter

    wesley montileaux

    Good info, but its hard to watch with your hands flying all over the place!

    M Flanagan

    don't let nobody smoke in your car and tap the ashes out the window and that will definitely keep that window good it just like dirt smokers I know this is true

    Ryan Garcia

    Scotty what do you think about the 2008 Honda Civic Si Sedan?? I just bought one for $6,000 w/ 130,000 miles. My family has had a lot of civics so I'm hoping I made a good investment.

    Chris Dealny

    Concentrated pure lime juice works great leaves very little residue after a rain and beads water awesomely.
    I use it on my wind screen too. it also stops the wiper blades making noise.
    I discovered this by needing to clean my windscreen and all I had was news paper and some pure lime juice concentrate.


    >watch texas car dude to get distracted from my shitty life in shitty french canada
    >texas car dude rubs it in my face

    thank you 🙁


    Hey Scotty I rang your bell.
    Your too funny

    M Kaiser

    Average lifespan of most modern 6-10 speed transmissions made since 2010 is 40-60k miles depending on manufacturer.

    eddie Holt

    Rev up your engine then your windows


    I had an 80 Sunbird and man was that thing a POS. I had a Firebird in the 90s and it wasn't much more reliable. I've owned a bunch of the Regals/Grand Prixs since then and they've been good cars. I'm not sure I'd want a GM from before the mid 90s.
    I also have a new manual Mustang GT and I'm not buying the faster auto bit. I can drop the clutch in 2nd gear and spin the tires. It requires one shift up to 3rd to get well into the triple digits. Pretty sure it ain't making 10 shifts faster than I can make one.


    One thing about that SS monte carlo is parts are CHEAP. get one cheap enough if its not rusty then replace all the rubber stuff for a few hundred dollars. Drop a GM crate 350 in it for a few grand and a rebuilt or new transmission in for about a grand. Then drive it a hundred thousand miles. Everything on them is so cheap little stuff that goes wrong wont ever be a big deal.

    Younghwan Jang

    Can I spray WD-40 on my windows?


    Scotty Says "if you live in Canada you probably won't worry about air conditioning" Not true I live in Upstate NY about an hour from Canada, our summers can hit 105F rarely and 75 to 85% humidity. Mostly our summers are normal between 80 and 90 but the humidity is what gets ya up here, your sticky all the time unless your in air.

    kevin nolan

    lol we dont need ac in canada? im in toronto and the summers are as hot and humid as a vietnam jungle. ac is a must have here

    Lazrus Sanschei

    Wanna know how it'll last forever? Buy a japanese car like Toyota or Subaru…

    Garett Anderson

    I have an old Husqvarna 420AE two stroke dirt bike with an automatic transmission. Shifts all by itself.

    Jordan Williams

    Another great video Scotty! 4:20 for life!

    Joni Ray

    I daily a beat up 89 Ford bronco II, average +50 miles a day.

    DJ Crazy Jimmy

    Love your sense of humor in this video

    Bill Ing

    Canada don't need AC? Well…maybe outside of southern Ontario where heat waves happen for a few days each summer.

    Dennis Kirk

    I always wax my windows when I wax my car and it works, but it does take a little more elbow grease to pull it off the glass vs. paint. BTW, I think Scotty's cat pillow is tired of listing to transmission talk LOL ! Rev up your Nu Finish!

    Navi Gation

    1:00 I don’t think using polish will be save especially when there’s a high beam of light in front of you.


    How can iask him questions?

    Jonathan Tanner

    Scotty, my 07 Tacoma pulls heavily to the left when I am in 4 wheel drive but when I take it out of 4 wheel drive it only pulls a very little. What could be causing this? Thanks!

    Kadek160 Benisari

    First thing you NEVER EVER put polish on the widows.

    Wade Guidry

    Lube the window track with Danco 88693 silicon grease and it'll work great. It comes in a little tube and you will have to take your door panel out to access the track, but it's an easy procedure.

    Captain Poly

    Love the pictures running in the corner of your videos. Most entertaining!!


    If you live in Canada & don't need AC 😆


    Is this the first time Scotty's been blessed? Hahaha

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