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Doing This Will Make Your Transmission Last Twice as Long

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    Doing This Will Make Your Transmission Last Twice as Long, DIY life hack and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Car life hacks. Changing transmission fluid. What’s …

    Scotty Kilmer

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    Ba s

    Rreeeeeaaaallll fffflloooooooidd😂😂😂😂😂💥💯


    I like to roll up the fat Woolford and get all schmoked up while watching Scotty Kilmers videos.

    hudsonhawk 001

    I've seen TH400's with red mud in them and they ran fine. What a tough transmission.

    Steve C#

    Lifetime means the lifetime of your warranty.

    Trenton Jennings

    So if I understood the message I can just pour some good'ol 10W40 oil in there till it overflows and I'll be good.

    PN H

    At least he didn't say forever!

    jia tt

    Does valvaline atf fits toyota?

    dennis walsh

    My 1969 Camero positraction used OEM fuid with (some) whale oil in it. I ended up buying several quarts because I was told it was or soon would be unavailable. Don't remember if it ever got used while I owned the car. I seem to remember it was fairly expensive.
    But… in the 70s, I still thought that was odd that it used some whale oil. This video brought back those old memories.

    running blades

    Hay scotty i was wonder if change the oil on my truck 2010 ram every 3 thousand miles good evan if i use full synthic high millage oil and i have not changed my transmission fluid but it still pink and does not smell burnt should i change it or keep it the truck has a 100000 miles on it

    Robert Carlee

    Fluids are cheap to change, engines and transmissions are not

    Richard McCormack

    Are you from N.H or do you like our state motto

    Kevin Clark

    I installed a ddrain plug on the bottom of my Dodge Shadow's trans oil pan, and change the fluid with synthetic ATF+4 every 25k miles. I drop the pan and clean it out, and change the filter, and adjust the bands every 100K.

    jim smith

    i love sperm,so does my partner!!!!!!lol just joking,my cousin is feeling good now,but when he die's will be going to hell.he told me he liked pain so he may be happy living with satan,maybe he can marry satan!!lol!!!


    Looks like I'm gonna have to look into gettin me some Black Market Sperm Whale Oil…………………

    Alex x

    ok now I have to Jerk Off a whale…

    Mr E.

    How do you change the fluid If there is no dipstick or fill hole ?

    Dr. Crusher did nothing wrong

    I use Absolut Vodka in my transmission and it works like a charm

    J Stihl

    I put Royal Purple Max Atf in my truck. According to Ford its not compatable. I spoke with an RP rep and he said that the fluid would be fine in my truck and that they were unable to make a deal with Ford. I drained the pan, and unhooked the cooler lines and let the exit lines drain into a bucket while the other line sucked in new fluid. It always shifted good but its way smoother and shifts alot quicker. That RP Max is the way to go.

    J Stihl

    No dipsticks is one of thee most ridiculous things ever.


    Well I always used factory transmission fluid instead of using those garbsge castro synthetic transmission fluid that sell at Walmart, Pepsboy, Autozone and Advanced Auto Parts. Always uses factory transmission fluid or else it will ruins your transmission overtime. I learned that lesson the hard way long time ago when my transmission suddenly fails on me after I changed my transmission with castro synthetic transmission fluid on the correct intervals in the owners manual says. I never shift it like an idiots like those people out there. I baby my car everytime.

    Liz Vic

    You know what you can do to keep your transmission last longer. Buy a Toyota!

    John Anderson

    Why I like manual transmissions

    Mike Secondo

    Clean your garage!!!!


    "Our fluid is good for the lifetime of the transmission!"

    Technically, they're not wrong, because if you don't change it and it dies, guess what?

    Jeffrey Merle

    Toyota no longer manufactures OEM Dexron 3. Is it safe to use Toyota ATF type T-IV in a Camry 2000 transmission?

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