Friday, March 24, 2023

Drift Dudes Go Off-Roading: Can You Rock Crawl in a Bone Stock 2020 Jeep Gladiator?

Main Drift Dudes Go Off-Roading: Can You Rock Crawl in a Bone Stock 2020 Jeep Gladiator?

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    What happens when you take two drift drivers (Hert and the homie Justin Pawlak) away from their usual comfort zones of low ride heights, high horsepower, high …


    Hert kinda conquered rock crawling in a nearly stock Jeep Gladiator, what other type of Motorsports should we scumbag Hert to try in 2020?!

    Bushido Brown

    Rock climbing

    Pieter Gouws

    When the music started at 14:25, I thought Hert snapped an axle or something.

    Manny Gonzalez

    When hert said "floor it " it reminded me of spongebob at boating school

    James Moore

    Sooo we gonna see some "its fine, its normal" slaps or wut?

    Jurk Jiggler

    Hert: but will it drift?

    Luke Ellis

    I think Id shit if someone threw chunks of ice at me while im in front of my car.

    Big Goggins

    how about you guys scumbag hennessey performance into loaning a car to u,and let hert drive it😈😅

    Honda Freak

    That hog is like a limo

    W Bryson

    That falcon plug was very well done.

    The Architect

    People giving I crap but put a long arm lift and 37-40's and it will outcrawl about anything with that wheelbase ! I owned A company that built Moab ready trail rigs and this Gladiator is my next build!

    Mike Jares

    Stock jeep height and long wheel base doesn't mix.

    Savage450f310 Rice

    Really. Would rather see drifting then some. Lame ass jeep shit crawlimg on payments


    Can we get a Hooni-Jimny build going?
    An old one too, not the new one that’s only in Europe. That or a Samurai, that works too.

    Alexandre Berthiaume

    Crawling makes you go from 2D to 3D

    Christian Rindlisbacher

    That’s cheating go old school or go home like drifting sorry

    Bryce Farrow

    This in a norm where I live we love trails and mud here in the eastern areas

    Kevin Yang

    hert is k swapping an s cahssis. now he is rock crawling…? where is he and what have you done with him?!


    Manual or Automatic for off-roading?

    Ian Lucas

    Poor hert had to use one of the hardest Jeeps to wheel stock. He could have done more with a renegade Rubicon 😂

    J, Williams

    Hey hoonigan, come to the Oregon OG gambler for 2020. its going to be a good time. Ill be in my OD green lifted Subaru impreza ute.


    Jeeps are superior, let’s see some trucks try that

    hauoli burdett

    Jedi rock crawler giving hert advice: For the first time length is not your friend and than like that but harder

    Me: my whole life has prepared me to rock crawl

    Communist Central

    as an owner of a bone stock lada, i mean gladiator, this amuses me

    Nick Warner

    just like driving over speedbumps in a slammed car.


    Hert in the worse place to break something and Hert didn't for once. The Jeep Gladiator is Hert Approved.

    Marlowe Campos

    FCA needs to make a 800hp Gladiator Rockhawk 😤😤😤😤😤

    Terry Mason

    Damn it's just so long


    Dude you guys fueled up in Highland and shot up the 330 to Running Springs or did you roll to Big Bear?


    4 sale one gently used jeep driven by responsible driver hahaha


    That gladiator sucks. Toyota’s>jeeps

    Eddie Spall

    Can we have this sort of thing as a series? Where Hert tries different car things and it’s very funny. Just call it, Hert Tries: _ .

    Ashish Tirkey

    Hert: rolls over
    Everyone: It's fine it's normal 👍🏽


    Salesman slaps undercarriage
    "This here Jeep is the Hert signature series. It has his signature here and here and here and here and here……"


    for sale 2020 Gladiator, lightly used.

    Adam Mizell

    Whenever I hear metal grinding against rocks I'll think, "It's fine, its normal."

    anthony gotti

    These beats go crazy


    The “we know you that’s why your getting this talk” quote from Dan to Hert has me rolling. Great vid and even better idea to have Hert drive.

    Cafe King

    10 seconds in the video and they probably should of gotten a real jeep

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