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Driven- 2019 Lexus UX 250h Luxury

Main Driven- 2019 Lexus UX 250h Luxury

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    Automakers are racing to fill every niche in the crossover market. The Lexus UX is going for the small premium segment. It’s the brands entry-level vehicle.

    M. A.

    Super ugly in design and use of cheap materials and poor quality well well below Lexus brand stands for… some of the better buys are Buick Encore, Volvo xc40, cadallic xt4

    Ali 1002jj

    Looks like a Toyota CHR just a little more luxurious!
    Nice review btw!!

    Marc Spunt

    I drove the Tesla model 3 and X, then i test drove this UX250h and I cannot stop thinking about it. I really like it. I will have to try the new Rav4 hybrid and make sure i can live with a smaller car then my current Jeep Cherokee, but I am ready for good gas mileage and high tech. What else should I test drive that is in the price range of this UX250h? TIA!

    Doc Will Joe

    It’s alright

    Jeno Nagy

    Great review.


    Little devils! >=)
    Thank you for always emphasizing, "get out there and test drive" many different brands and models.
    Heck, just visiting dealers and sitting in a bunch of cars (takes no time and no need to even bother talking to anyone) can get you to see what you could be missing.


    Very tastefully done inside and out


    Wow, the QX30 is being eliminated. The best looking in the segment. I got to get me a used one.


    Crossovers are such a blight and the luxury versions are the worst. $42k??

    That's it. I'm going to start a faith called "Stinger GT's Witnesses". I gotta spread the good news of real hatchbacks and wagons.


    That squarish black cladding on the wheel wells is masked by the dark green body color. In lighter colored UXs – the cladding becomes a truly hideous design element.


    Great review thanks. Can you do a NX 300H review please ?


    Looks like shit, costs to much, my 'massive blind spot' sense is tingling… No stick….


    The QX30 is going away due to Brexit.

    Trey Harvison

    42k and it has a stick to keep the hood up? You let me down Lexus.


    Loved the interview at the end, judos on including that. “Inside story” indeed, I love Japanese architecture! Awesome. You rock man!!!


    Thanks Tom….only watched this because it was you're take!! Not a fan of the Lexus design language at all….

    Mrchevy baja

    Lift the pen, toyota. Yikes

    J Segal

    Luv the color, but I see lots of BMW influence in the taillights and dash. That's a good thing.

    Manny Echaluce

    It has the engine of the Corolla, hmmm, do we want to pay 40 grand for a Corolla ? hmmm

    Duncan McLellan

    In which Lexus attempts to blur the line between a luxury vehicle and a top trim mainstream vehicle…in the wrong direction. 44k opens up a wide range of quality competition.


    I don't see anything that makes me regret getting my awd hyundai kona instead of this. Pretty crazy for the price difference.


    Wow. This looks like a modern, Lexus PT cruiser.

    Rafael Romero

    Rafael Romero

Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)
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