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Driven! 2019 Nissan Leaf Plus SL

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    Nissan’s Leaf, the first electric car aimed at the masses, lacked range. The second generation upped it to 150 miles. Now the Plus model offers up to 226 miles.

    Adam Lockington

    I don't like the idea of a plug in hybrid. You still have the additional weight on an engine to carry round which will still require oil changes, spark plug changes, cooling and all the other regular maintenance that comes with an internal combustion engine.


    Electric cars makes up only 2% of total automotive sales? And the government is subsidizing each vehicle with tax-funded credits. Looks like it's time to phase out these government subsidies. Let's get real folks, electric vehicles will never be mainstream. Who are you kidding? Great review by the way 👍


    My 2018 Leaf SV has more than enough range for my daily commute, I only charge it every four days. For long trips we use my wife's Dodge Caravan. For a typical two car family with average commutes an EV should be at least one of the cars.


    Great review, and well balanced comments on the pros and cons of EVs. Nice work !

    J Segal

    Is it Mr Evil Twin, or Dr Evil Twin? I like his purple shoes. Nice car, too.

    t pots

    still ugly

    Colin Flaherty Videos Daily

    why'd they make it so ugly?

    Charlie Montero

    Excellent review as always thanks


    Great Video ..well presented

    Steve C#

    I have looked into buying an EV and decided not to at this point in time. To me they are currently too expensive, manufacturers have cut too many corners to lower costs and the yearly depreciation is too high. Perhaps in 5 years when battery technology has improved and the battery cost per kWh is half of what it is now.
    Another point, there is a lot more wear and tear on a car than just the motor and transmission. For one, due to EVs high low speed torque and weight, EVs wear out tires faster.


    My volt actually costs me less than if I bought the Cruze. I have a 30 min commute (within electric range) and save $200 in fuel every month, which makes my monthly payment cheaper than a Cruze.

    PHEVs and EVs the costs are up front. But cost much less to operate.


    Was at a Nissan dealership today and had one of these drive by me in the parking lot. Didn’t know what was making that weird hum until I turned around and saw this thing glide by. Sounds like something out of a sci fi movie when it was moving.

    Christine Roy

    I have only ever driven 1 EV , a BMW i3 as a demo at a bicycling event there’s one word TORQUE! I wanted one. Drive an EV and try not to 😃

    Dan Jones

    Do a video on your ELR.


    Good video Tom, the Nissan plant where the Leaf (and the Altima, Rogue, Maxima & Pathfinder) is manufactured is only 15 miles from me, but very few people buy the Leaf because there just not practical in non-urban areas as proven with the low sales volumes. I agree with you on "climate change", it’s called spring, summer, fall, and winter. 😊

    Artur Eff

    V8 rulez….


    The plug type on the Leaf is fading out it seems. That's concerning to me.


    Give me an all wheel drive version and I'd be very happy. Reason being is the low center of gravity, small wheel base, and the instantaneous power of the battery would be a lot of fun to drive. It doesn't have to be a speed demon, or super quick off the line.

    Alex Mobil

    There are plenty of recommendations on how to get out of conventional vehicles. Most of them come down to this. Deny your responsibility.


    We just recently moved away from Western Washington to Eastern Canada and your videos made me realize I miss the Puget Sound. At least this will only be two years.


    Great improvements in the Leaf+ but it is still ugly looking!

    Valve Timing

    The future is good with decent power and great fuel epa

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