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Driven! 2020 Kia Soul X-Line and Turbocharged GT-Line

Main Driven! 2020 Kia Soul X-Line and Turbocharged GT-Line

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    The third generation Kia Soul is still a square deal and remains instantly recognizable as a Soul. But Kia did more than just fire the hamsters for the all-new …

    Paul M

    Just keeps getting better in every way. Even the CVT seems ok. Great job Kia 😁

    Bad Drivers Of The Illawarra

    2:22 That panel gap tho


    Excellent review for an excellent small car that lives big. I can't wait for the EV version, but I also wish the turbo mill could be had in lower trims with a manual transmission.


    This redesign is very impressive. They should have added independent rear suspension, at least on the GT line models.


    Oh god. I love that green color. I'm usually not a huge fan of green anything, but that looked so striking!!


    It kind of reminds me of a Ford Flex. Just me?


    ng car

    Bad Drivers of Columbus, Georgia

    The front looks better but the rear looks worse if you ask me.

    Planet Auto

    Impressive vehicle with great tech, thank you

    Joseph Navarro

    Manual transmission sounds good 👍


    Your 12 minute reviews are more info packed, fluid and entertaining than other reviewers 28 minute reviews. That TP ban in California is likely going to cause a great deal of consternation!

    Jason Staggs

    I'm fairly certain I spoke with Kia on their Instagram page and they said AWD was a strong possibility sadly it wasn't incorporated

    Jason Staggs

    On Kias website they advertise the soul starting at $17,400ish give or take a few hundred

    Christopher Huynh

    CVT …. I pass

    Al Clark

    The 2019 looked perfect. Why did they have to make it uglier in 2020?

    David Jones

    Amazing how Kia advertised this car for the younger generation with music and animals etc., but its mostly the OLDER generation that buys the Soul.

    Kia, please make a video with a Hot Rod Grandma in a sporty Red Soul commercial…..

    Austin Kye

    Looks dope!

    Billy Beheler

    As a soul owner yourself what do you & your wife think of the new generation? I personally love the model currently being sold at dealerships. This one will probably grow on me like the old one. It aggravates me that the new Soul doesn’t have the large sun roof.

    I Downvote All Ads

    How does the smaller engine get worse fuel economy?
    The cvt?


    kia lost me at no AWD

    louis smeets

    Interesting that here in the Netherlands we only get the electric version

    Guillaume Lavigne

    2:23 look at that steering column!

    Yutube SuspendedMyAccount

    Front looks really nice but I just can't get over that boomerang tail lights tho…


    This guy deserves more subs. Here’s 1 more!

    Rafael Reyes

    For traveling it sucks. I refuse it as a rental if it is offered. There is not enough space for luggage or a cooler for longer trips. It is a good thing for Kia that you did not have your toilet paper to stuff into the back of that ugly toaster with wheels. Any compact sedan or hatchback is better for traveling with four normal-sized people.

    Bong Lim

    Kia Soul is cashing in on its popularity with its price increase But it's okay business is business & somehow still a good value Nice review

    Carson Redford

    2:24 😬 Nice panel gap

    Ismael Gil

    Are you still in sd

    Armando Ramos

    Tom so glad to see your video again. Always enjoy your reviews. I used to own a 2012 Kia Soul in black. I've traded that in for another car. I must admit, I miss my Hamster. Thanks for the great review.


    What's your wife's new car??


    Last box car I was in I banged my head getting out of…the Honda version. That door latch hanging down hurt!! Luckily we were at Lake Almanor CA and pulling up to a pie shop!!

    Jay-Ar Linsangan

    Such a shame the seat pockets and rear usb or power ports aren’t standard. But what I was really hoping for was an AWD version. Yeah, I know snow tires are better for winter driving, but AWD would give the car more grip, especially on thick, snowy roads.

    Excellent video as usual Tom.

    Mrchevy baja

    when i look at the face, all i see is the muppet shows, Sam Eagle!

    Marcus fuller

    still under powered so stop calling it a turbo and why no AWD?? You dummies I (We) have been waiting for an adult Soul …this could have been so much more but seems you have cut back!!…now I’m over you and moving on to another car company😡

    Lee S

    I wish Kia would come up with a better steering wheel design. They're all ugly.

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