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Driven! The 2019 Subaru Crosstrek Plug-In Hybrid

Main Driven! The 2019 Subaru Crosstrek Plug-In Hybrid

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    It’s a Subaru first! A car with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and an electric charge port. The 2019 Subaru Crosstrek Plug-In Hybrid gets a little help from Toyota’s …

    Protector of the Republic

    A bit too expensive in my opinion to be worth it. Maybe a more attractive proposition with incentives, but still, not really. Financially speaking, of course.


    Should've just made a regular hybrid that would have given the Crosstrek some much needed extra horsepower and better MPG.


    Saving only 2k that needs a return rate of 5 yrs is garbage when the price tag is premium even against regular top model xv. Its not worth the price and efficiency

    Safety Window Auto Glass

    Great review


    An extremely compromised experience, makes you wonder why Subaru even bothered

    Khu NoPie

    Keep in mind Tom, that Soobi drivers only cleanse their bungholes with 100% recycled dungcoupons and/or reusable cloth made from hemp, so you may want to reconsider your TP test for future Subi reviews.

    All the best,


    Model 3 starts at 35k


    I wish outback was hybrid

    Tom Mihelich

    Ok what’s with the weird sculptures at the side of the road at 4:05 and 6:00 minutes?!! I don’t remember seeing those on Queen Anne hill or anywhere.

    Andrew Burke

    Love the blue exterior. Not a fan of the blue bits inside though. Just saying.

    Michael Rhodes

    Plug in hybrids are great if you don’t travel much day to day. It’s just a lot of new technology and many that are decent to drive are just expensive…at least this and the mini look cool.
    And bmw is planning to electrify every model. Same with vw I believe


    Literally sounds like a golf cart…

    S Newland

    Great review Tom! Too much Toyota in current Subaru offerings…

    Alex Wolf Zabalaga

    As always. A nice and comprehensive review

    Eric Shea

    It would be nice if the return on investment on the hybrid version of the Crosstrek could be realized before the five year mark, at least when compared to the normal Crosstrek. But I'm glad to see that Subaru has a decent hybrid product available at dealerships, which I'd imagine many of the Subaru people would be interested in.


    Great review as usual, absolutely packed with pertinent info, and with the smoothest delivery!


    yet another compromised cargo space due to a battery being slapped on rather than designed into the chassis. 17miles EV range is terrible.

    i was brand loyal to subaru until they killed all turbo hatches. bye bye subaru.

    No One’s Business

    This vehicle makes no sense. Subaru should invest R&D on a ful electric vehicle imo.

    Comment if you disagree or agree.

    PD Lynch

    Gets cold here, battery pack would get a serious workout. No for now. Great review as always.

    Bong Lim

    Still a compelling CUV with its 2.4t engine option

    B HM

    That cargo capacity reduction is less than I thought. HMMMM. As always, you’re awesome, Tom!

    dygardion 91

    They got rid of the hybrid but have a plug in hybrid??? Lol whaaaa

    I would assume that this hybrid would have better mpg than the rav4, does the actual mechanical awd over the rav4 electric one make a difference?

    domingo humberto gómez lópez

    Nice, and I thought I was going to abandon the brand for my next car

    B S

    great review as always ! thank you .. looks as tho the new camera is working well!? glad we were able to help you

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