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Driving a European Registered 2018 Mustang GT in America! (WHAT'S DIFFERENT)

Main Driving a European Registered 2018 Mustang GT in America! (WHAT'S DIFFERENT)

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    C M

    Has the RTR lip and rear pieces but no side skirts. Looks a little uneven. But crimson red looks great.

    Jorge Castro

    Can u share the details of the wing?

    Scott Plagmann

    Makes you realize how good we have it in the USA after crunching those numbers. Great having a new perspective on the Mustang scene .

    tracy basler

    Euro ponies have the Steering wheel on the Proper side

    18shadowblk_5_0 _

    Pretty cool getting perspective from guy who owned a Stang in Europe πŸ™ŒπŸΎ #savethemanual


    It's +100k in Holland, not Europe in general. About 50k over here in Belgium for the GT and an extra 11K tax just to put in on the road. Crazy over here (and Holland).


    Us Canadians can drive in the USA on our own plates, we are out of country…

    500 hundred a month for plates????? Holy fuck, cost me 110 a month in good ol’ Saskatchewan

    Andrew Sandefur

    Yeah the wing looks good and love that color!

    H E C. M A N.

    Liking the WING.

    Great Dakota

    The wing looks great. Different from what everyone else does

    larry Mitchell

    Absolutely love the wing. Installing the same one on my S550.


    Atco this weekend should be good..


    Bama tune??? Uh Oh, look out! BTW, I would kill for a chance to drive wide open on the Autobahn!!

    Chris Jones

    Awesome car CJ!

    Gold Pony

    I would love that wing on a shadow black car but interesting hearing about the taxes and pricing over there being an economics guy… Nice vid!

    V88 Dicky

    Mustangs are selling well here in the UK, and thankfully the V8 out sells the ecoboost. Price wise, a fully specced 2015-2018 was under Β£40k and tax is just Β£140 per year. Fuel wise, petrol is currently around $6 per US gallon, which is slightly more than in the US πŸ˜‰
    Insurance for me is in the Β£300 to Β£500 per year range, again, not bad.

    I'll be looking for a low miles 2017 model in a couple of years πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ»

    Pantera 5.0

    Bama?!? Cmon bro lol

    Ancient Ruins Official


    Dayne Rampersad

    love it you should get one for the mamba

    Mike Fyxdt

    You had me at the donuts… And i LIKE the wing! It just screams down force. It's a great reminder that the Mustang can be set up to go in a straight line OR around curves really, really fast!

    Detlef Schmidt

    its a US Mustang.


    It’s an American car, bought in Europe πŸ˜‚

    Jet City

    That is one sick 5.0!


    That wing is hideous

    Andy G.

    The real Euro-spec Mustang has clear/white lens taillights and bigger(taller) side mirrors.

    Johannes Huß

    The road taxes are pretty high in some parts of Europe for the V8 due co2 emmisions.

    sam de haas

    Mooi autotje heb je daar maat.


    Come on down to the Austin TX area with that crimson Mustang! Would love to see it. Gorgeous car. The black mamba is looking so amazing in that new color shift paint too! I would do that to my Kona blue 19 GT if I could find a place that could do it as well as yours turned out.


    haha all the exterior parts for the euro-version are changed to the US-version :D. Awesome car anyhow minus the rear wing πŸ˜€
    Would love to have the sequence turn signals on mine. However it is illegal here with red sequence lights.

    Just for info I am paying 75 USD/Month for mine here in Sweden for the insurance. I can say parts are really expensive here in Europe compared to the US.
    The prices in the Netherlands and Norway for cars are crazy high. In e.g. Sweden, Germany, UK and so on the prices are around 50-60k USD for the PP1 with similar package to the 401A

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