Thursday, March 23, 2023

Driving The 2020 Toyota GR Supra! In Depth Tour, Exhaust Sounds & More!

Main Driving The 2020 Toyota GR Supra! In Depth Tour, Exhaust Sounds & More!

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    This video is brought to you in part by Lexol leather cleaner and conditioner! Their products have always been my go-to when it comes to taking care of my …


    Thank you all so much for taking the time to watch my video, it really means a lot! After you're finished watching, I'd love to hear your thoughts about the car so feel free to post below! This was an awesome experience and I'm so happy I was able to share it with you all! Have a great week!

    Pernell Brodie

    Is it me or does the interior look like a BMW?

    Countryside Driver

    If Paul Walker was alive and used this Mk5 supra in Fast and furious movie. This would become popular and these cancerous tuner fans would shut up.

    Ps: the Mk4 supra is made by Yamaha stake that you sons of bitches


    Really? No cap less fuel cap? Wow.

    Adam N

    I'm happy you have sponsors and I'm happy to support your channel. Just a shame that Lexol is made in China.

    Fight TV

    That rear view visibility is awful

    Michael C.

    Lexol is wonderful.
    This is the only Supra review…I watched all the way through.
    I waited a long time for a Supra which I could afford.
    Im disappointed with this car. If they didnt use a BMW engine etc…would it have to be $50k range?
    What was wrong with the 1990s Engine…and updating it with todays technologies? It could be sold in the $40k range if they used a reliable Toyota Powertrain?
    I have a '12 4Runner Limited.
    Heck, they could've taken the 3.5 Engine from the current Taco & Supercharged it!
    I didn't wait, I bought an EcoBoost Mustang in Red!
    I think the New High Performance 2020 EcoBoost model seems like a better value (minus the cool CRACKLE).
    I Think the body of the new GT500 looks better than the BMSupra.
    I wish Ford would place the 3.5 EcoBoost from Ford's other models IN A MUSTANG, in the $40k range would be Phenomenal.

    911 991.2 TURBO S

    What’s worst then a BMW Z4
    A 2020 SUPRA

    Matthew Vargas

    Not feeling it

    Adnan Rahman

    Hey make a pure sound of this pls And. In the engine have parts what are from bmw I love your videos make a review of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz GT63s 4 door coupe and what ever performance car you do make a pure sound Make a review of the 2019 McLaren 600LT and a 2019 McLaren 600LT Spider or a 2019 Mclaren senna or a 2019 Mercedes Benz GTR Pro

    Kurt Joshua Torres

    This is not a rebadged bmw z4 for the bashers of the car if you hate it don't buy it they did this partnership with bmw to compute german manufacturer porsche with their 718 cayman and for the bmw z4 the porsche boxster i hate this people that criticize the looks and the hardware and software that comes with the bmw parts bin to make it looks a proper toyota supra from the performance standpoint the reason why toyota use a straight 6 from bmw and not there own to preserve their heritage of their previous mark 4 supra for example has a straight 6 with the same displacement 3.0 to be specific to me it preserves the heritage other toyota supra for it and it's the best supera with modern technology from bmw so again all of the bashers for this car don't ever see this car if you hate it because of the toyota in see this car if you hate it because of the toyota and bmw partnership just buy the mark 4 supra instead if you prefer a pure toyota product

    Jolliee Guy

    Well, kids wont ever know the OG Supra, LOL

    Aidan Hullihen

    You should buy one

    Earth Chan

    Legit…… its weird saying 2020…. anyone else agree? Ugh the years have gone by fast 😂

    Adam Irving

    Brand new and it already has swirls in the paint…


    They even kept the bmw chime and interior features

    Stefan Cupovic

    Always at least one guy but…. those vents are real vents they left them open for designers to design own duct work for w.e application people want.


    I ordered one only the cheap one cause ima be modifying it, mean I’m already waisting money on a Z4 with a Toyota badge

    Paul Benoit

    Wonderful car and review!

    boo bogg

    THANK YOU!! I really wanted a honest opinion/overview.. hopefuly ill be able to see one of these cars in Alaska

    L!Ljojo GotFlOw

    All the bmw stuff on a Toyota is so weird gives me the chills

    just joel

    Did y'all guys notice that Supra has the old BMW start up sound and lock and unlock sound


    didnt recognize you with the beard lol


    Please tell me the hood on this car is NOT a massive heavy piece of steel lol


    Nope, too much apologising for this car. They couldn’t even be bothered to change the steering wheel buttons or even cheaper just the warning chime. Just get the bmw. I’m sure the Toyota tuned engine won’t make it last any longer anyway. It’s not even as good looking as the z4?! Even has the modern double pull BMW bonnet release. All Toyota did was make it worse looking than the car it’s based on. Longer warranty though, wow….

    Kaboom Cards

    just buy an actual 90's sports car you're way better off

    Christopher F

    I don't know why but the new Supra reminds me of Lighting McQueen

    michael Dal Porto

    Nice car to bad not mannual though


    Great video!


    One red door card and one black door card

    Tore Hansen

    Wonder what happens when you use the BMW concierge in a Toyota…

    Jonathan Brown

    Well done review. Thank you. Looks good in the various bright colors…4,1 to sixty is quick..quicker than the original mark4 turbo and this new one is priced well too boot.


    I like it. But I am picky about the sound a car makes at first start.. and I don't know the cause.. but this one sounds like a choking dog when it starts. The idle and engine performance make up for that.. so it redeems itself.

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