Monday, March 20, 2023

Driving the new Toyota Supra – Eventuri's next Project Car!

Main Driving the new Toyota Supra – Eventuri's next Project Car!

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    With the RS3 the project car bug has firmly sunk it’s teeth in to Eventuri (something we know all too well!) and we knew it wouldn’t be long until another car joined …


    Wow the opf is real

    A S

    The new Supra is ugly, complicated lines and fake plastic vents, what a let down, I’d buy a Porsche Cayman.


    This car on this channel says it all really. Lol


    Removes Supra badge | Burns the car | Hangs Supra badge in living room | Lights candle | Pray to all gods | Writes Chief Engineer Tatsuya Tada Name on a Doll | Stabs doll with Supra badge.


    Nice intro music👌. Evolve, all the very best in tuning and kidding this Supra. Looks good in Black. Just the interior apart from seats is a bit much on the BMW side.


    i like the fact that this car has a lot of potential internally and externally,but the fact that toyota didn't do more for this car because they left that for tuners is a shitty excuse and lazy cop out,but nevertheless looking forward to seeing what you guys do

    David Fredheim

    Car Trottle had the new supra on a dyno. It was pushing around 376whp not bad at all 😊👍


    Hey look a Z4…. I mean a Supra

    Ryan S-C

    I can't belive Toyota thought this was a rightful successor to the supra we all love. A huge let down, the have failed miserably compared to the new gtr and nsx.

    Ocean City

    Have a '93 JDM Supra 530whp RHD on low boost built by proEshiftRacing. Reach out if you interested in purchasing or a new build

    andrew shilton

    whats the mpg ?


    Makes sense, with your knowledge of its BMW powerplant this car will be a beast. Looking forward to following the build.

    Matt B

    Looking forward to you full review when you get your Supra.It would be great to get it up on the ramp and see the differences between Toyotas engineering compared with say a M240/M2.

    Ian Gould

    I drove the original on the autobahn a long time ago, you guys will make the new one sing. With your expertise at tuning I look forward to seeing what you do. PS thanks again for the awsome job you did on my 435d

    Darryl Weathers

    Very much looking forward to seeing what youve got planned for the Supra 👍🏾

    Jordy Mutombo

    M140i oh wait 🤣😂🥺😥

    Glenn Clark

    Why did T’yota use a bmw engine..? 🤔

    Glenn Clark

    German & jap mix best of both worlds.. Great vid nice to see 1 close up instead of just pictures 👍🏻

    F1 F

    Looks like Ive been saying it wrong all this time, apparently its Teee-yota. Silent first "O" people.

    Btw now that Toyota has improved on the BMW engine with those 300 modifications, i bet we will start seeing more reliable BMW engines … 🤞

    Mac Daddy

    Thankyou for sharing the experience . ❤👍

    Catalytic Autosport

    Not usually a fan of silver but it looks wicked in that colour, and also the yellow but its a pretty brave choice 😂

    8 days till summer

    Are there 300 components in an engine that could make a difference, if we exclude all but the essentials fasteners (head bolts, big end and mains) ? Just seems that they plucked an arbitrary number out of the air to sound impressive….. It's not like the base engine is a lemon to start with…..

    Matt B

    At last a review without the usual negative comparisons with BMW's. Great stuff.This car is growing  on me the more I see it. Also it's nice to hear again that the ride is so good.Perhaps BMW could learn a thing or two from Toyota on how to tune suspension Lol.

    SK Dhaliwal

    The B58 engine will have so much support really looking forward to it

    Relentless Pursuit

    Thanks for sharing Imran, super envious. Hoping I can get one when Toyota UK open up the order books again. Yellow looked stunning, Red and Black both also work really well. Looking forward to seeing the "Evolve Build" 👍

    Mindau Rim

    I don't really believe that BMW changed 300 components in the engine,that would cost quite a lot money for them and would be basically completely different engine.

    Del Johnson

    It's a pity BMW and Toyota doesn't offer the coupe and roadster under both their own badges.

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