Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Dropping in NEW S13 Motor!

Main Dropping in NEW S13 Motor!

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    Hope everyone is having an amazing week! The first step to bring the S13 back on the road starts right now. We drop in the new motor in today’s vlog! We are …

    Tuan Vo

    Legend has it if you’re here really early. Randy will pin your comment

    Brandon Mejia

    I like your video

    Israel Rosado

    I went to buy merch for the first time so not only could I rock some fresh gear but so I could get that frs. But that PayPal shit messed me up i couldn't set it up or get in. I honestly think that is a problem for most could you please change it I just caught up so I just found out about the contest but too late now

    KX Outdoors

    The only time Randy is happy, is when Sonny comes over.
    Conclusion: Son makes Randy happy 😉😉😂


    Now that the coronavirus is going on you guys should do another 24 hours in a car video, that would be cool and enjoyable to watch, since you guys are always funny.

    Rodrigo Lopez

    Been waiting for this one


    The rona is crazy

    Huy Pham

    Wait , does that mean Henry can stream?


    FYI Car repair is an essential business within the Shelter at Home Ordinance. So you can legally say that you need to repair your car without police trouble. This is why auto parts stores are still open.


    We have cerfew over here in Cali note but I’m still out rn partying 😂

    Stefen Bain

    New zealand is on a 4 week lock down starting midnight tonight (Wednesday 25th) and if your job isnt an essential job then you have to stop working for 4 weeks,
    It's so dumb and lonely haha

    VeTeRaNz DeToXz

    Why not go KA-T ? 🤷‍♂️


    Why the hell would you tell your parents to keep coming to Cali? Fuck that! I would tell them to stay where they are until this shit is over. People are not taking this seriously and making it worse for all of us by not doing so.


    The 117 dislikes are people that randy gapped

    Matt Revelle

    I been watching these all day

    D G

    Vu sounds hella different, weird

    Isaac Lor

    Yoooo one day you should lemme come out and have a meet with y’all 😭😭

    gamer 21

    Where is Luke

    Chris Camacho

    2020 literally said fuck everyone. Especially us class of 2020. Every school event like prom, graduation, grad night got postponed. Me and the bros were planning to get stupidd lit at prom🥺😂

    Correy Yong

    I understand why randy lazy to do the supercharge , he just miss the s13 so much he can't hold it anymore hahahaha i feel you bro

    Josh drives

    Go watch my new quick video I would really appreciate it you subscribe I'll subscribe

    The Lude 915

    Hey Randy now you can say your S13 waz penetrated by Sonnys motor lol

    Elizabeth Delgado

    I know that boy Johnnnnnyy🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Adam Ayser

    Oo how I waited for this moment

    kennie h bengtsson

    Im working as a care ceeper so i cant stay at home but im happy anyways 🙂




    If I bought a sticker and you refunded the money would I be still In the giveaway or do i have to buy the stuff again ?

    WhiteKyuremGaming 03

    Lmao 666k subs


    It’s not always about being fast and looking nice, sometimes Slow & Serious is the way to go.


    The giveaway should be held off until the virus goes away.

    Flacko Media

    Swap sonny engine and be patient on ur swap i go way back in fish lens days

    Magaly S

    “oh yeah so im gonna put in a supercharger just to drive it around the fucking complex”💀💀💀💀💀

    AkG_ GIO

    Just Ls swop it

    Eddyberto cortez

    Bruh these videos fye🔥🔥

    faleeq faiqzz

    stay safe illiminate crew🤙

    Adolfo Aguilar

    U should start doin more builds and engine swaps


    randy is at 666k subs 🤯


    Everybody: at home
    Me: at work with no customers because everyone’s at home

Viewing 39 posts - 1 through 39 (of 39 total)
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