Thursday, March 23, 2023

DURAMAX Finally Gets 200HP+ Tunes!!! Coal Tune + BIG Turbo High Idle Sounds INSANE!

Main DURAMAX Finally Gets 200HP+ Tunes!!! Coal Tune + BIG Turbo High Idle Sounds INSANE!

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    Street Speed 717

    I swore I'd never roll coal but…

    JUSTIN .h2r

    Mikes duramax vs itsjusta6s duramax

    Tyler Hester

    I have the same tune. 4 isn’t great, I usually drive on 3.

    Jake Blake

    My uncle has a lbz allison trans with 1000+ hp, 1500+ torque he wont tell exact numbers but his trans is holding fine. With 35’s. Built somewhere in Chicago.

    charles alaniz

    I give it a month before the transmission goes lol

    Cam O’Connor

    Sorry buddy… I gave up energy drinks a month ago… can't pressure me into drinking them again

    charles alaniz

    Swap out the engine to the blazer with a Duramax

    Troy Setterberg

    Good ol lbz problems

    Upshift Z71



    Give yaM 6-weeks before you’re swappin’ the trans.

    wallace gardner

    Yes earl it does sound like the school bus that boy got him a real good job this time

    wallace gardner

    That kid starting the school bus again that what it sound like Eral


    Pleaseeee fix your exhaust tip 😂😂

    Kyle D

    No one that goes to the gym uses C4 😂😂😂 but the drink probably isn’t bad.


    You wanna talk about pre workout drinks try Beyond Raw Lit in the gummy worm flavor it. Is. Incredible.

    Hunner Bmx

    2 weeks


    man get some leather seats haha

    Jackson Barinowski

    How does one go off road with their exhaust tip as low as the differential

    that crazy car guy featuring team 22 motor sports

    I can already hear it slipping on video

    Josh Robinson

    Drop it to the floor and make it a race truck like jacks minimaxx

    Got2BGreat Gamer

    That truck has 1/6 the miles my duramax has on it….

    Doctor Death.

    It might be a mouth or a year on till you blow up your transmission, depending on how you drive your truck.

    Jason Root

    That sound so awesome!

    Carlos Danger

    Jet startup setting

    Kolten Brekkas

    Coolant will be coming out of the reservoir in no time. Can't wait to see what's next for the durty.

    nicoles life

    4 m


    2 weeks for the trans

Viewing 28 posts - 1 through 28 (of 28 total)
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