Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Dyno Testing My Cheap Ferrari 348 with 100,000 Miles!

Main Dyno Testing My Cheap Ferrari 348 with 100,000 Miles!

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    This is a real ferrari that isnt a computer on wheels, lets see some gen 1 viper stuff man!


    twin turbo it


    Looks awesome, very similar to the mk2 Mr2, my 3sgte also made 250 whp

    William Bays

    You should do a video about how much it costs to own your entire fleet (from purchasing, to insurance to maintenance, storage, etc)!

    Jose Cano

    i think the 348 is attractive….whats wrong with people???????

    sameer hassan

    she needs wheels


    "Ferrari enthusiasts love to hate on the Three Forty HATE"

    Mike Cronis

    Everyone wants an LS-swap but no one buys an LS-equipped car.


    Just. Throw some American engine and transmission in it and you'll be fine.

    YuhBoy DTOY

    I like the looks

    Fer Gz MotorDanko

    254 seems pretty fun on that car

    Stephen Monette

    I don't care if this gets 5 hp…that sound is intoxicating.

    forza horizan 4 shinanagins

    Ls swap the 348


    "its over 9000" lol that was priceless ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ


    Request/Suggestion: I would like to watch 1 video a week of you just driving and talking/rambling about one of your cars.

    Nothing super high quality: just you (who I like) your cars (which I love) and a camera (a necessary evil).
    Maybe it's a relatively easy way to make content, and a way for me to enjoy your stable on an ongoing basis ๐Ÿ™‚

    Brandon Fredenburg

    I love the 348 and the 355!!!

    Richard Greene

    HIDEOUS seats! Looks like a teenage girl's first car seats in a cheap Toyota! Sorry…must be honest!


    So less than a base 2013 Taurus?
    Still love it.


    I love the sound of a classic American V8, but I must admit that thing sounds pretty ferocious.

    David Kelm

    I thought there world be a few more ponies ๐Ÿด

    Spuddy Webb

    Looks like a 300zx

    Knight Industries

    60,000 USD to maintain that car over 20 years! ..talk about eye watering! I had to play that part back because i thought I had misheard it.

    chris corona

    I love those very 1990s seats lol.

    Ivan Ivanov

    4 ads on 10 min video no tnx…

    Ted Sirlouis

    Those seats tho

    Don Mynack

    Those seats are horrid yet also somehow beautiful.

    Michael DeSilvio

    I would rat rod a Ferrari.

    Flying Monkey

    interesting seats. I kinda like it.

    How did i get here

    Why do the seats have the same pattern as bus seats from 1999??

    Alex M

    Your seats make me wish i was more colorblind than just red/green.


    It looks like a Fiero pretending to be a ferrari

    John Smith

    Doug can we be friends haha

    Mike Schmidt

    How much for one of those

    Dirk Meyer

    Smoking while consuming oil…how much was the consumpion of oil at 1000 miles?

    BNSF railfanning I love trains

    The 348 is a beautiful car I have always thought.

    Timothy Moore

    Get rid of those Public Transportation seats man. ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ


    Feeling fast while going slow. Honda. Not looking dated. Z32 300ZX. But that's just my opinion. The interior problems are the beauty you get with hand built cars over assembly line. It's charm and character, and makes each car unique, and something we lost over the decades. Ferrari makes performance cars not luxury. The founder himself went over that many many times.

    Ed Wilko

    always blip the the rev doen or will stall and gradually damage your engine

    Mr. Mango

    Love watching post buying videos of Hoovie just Douging for 10-12 minutes to justify his poor purchases…

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