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Dyno Testing the New 2020 M135i F40

Main Dyno Testing the New 2020 M135i F40

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    The New F40 M135i has brought with it a lot of controversy, and for an obvious reason. The outgoing M140i gained a cult following as a RWD 6 Cylinder Hot …


    Please no more videos on this POS πŸ™

    hamza hussain

    That is so ugly


    Why the hell would anyone buy this over an n54 135i? 4 cylinder bed almost pointless to tune and lay money into, lastly it make an A class look stunning , poor move Bmw 😣😣

    Rob Reeves

    The old F40 made more power back in the 80s!

    Nathan Simpson

    Loving the swaying hands lol

    Sean Michael O

    I watch your videos over most other channels because of the straight to the point . No bull , no nonsense , factual content . Keep up the good work Imran πŸ‘

    Adam Omylanowski

    I was interested to see what you thought of this new engine. BMW said they've installed lower compression pistons, a bigger turbo and done a few other bits to this new engine codenamed B48E. The standard F56 Cooper S can be taken up to around 290-300BHP on the standard B48 engine internals anyway so it's disappointing that all these upgrades don't add up to a more substantial power increase/remapping headroom.

    Rory Wheeldon

    great no nonsense video Imran, I have to say i prefer my old 2008 N54 135i i had, much more mappable engine and lots of fun with a fantastic selection of mods to improve performance. Thankyou Guys.

    Kies Motorsports

    Looking forward to the new cars πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ


    Why do you think the engine is over stretched?

    Chris Preston

    Awesome you guys have a GP3 on order πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Same here, cannot wait.

    Richard Baker

    Uninspiring I'm afraid


    I hope the tie up with bmw park lane doesnt turn this channel into a bmw sales and marketing channel.

    Edwardian Edward

    Traded my M140i for one of these few weeks back and love it such a more accomplished car overall.

    Ken InUKfrmRSA

    Was that not wheel horse power? If it’s crank hp, How do you get your dyno to convert due to the 10-30hp loss of power through the drive trains or is it calibrated

    andy white

    The lack of noise from the new stuff upsets my face 🀨


    what a poor car to tune,best off buy an s3 or golf r instead

    o s

    looks like a fridge and sounds like a hoover, what a let down


    BMW has made a huge mistake with this new 1 series, ugly af and barely see them on the road…


    Poor exhaust sound

    Del Johnson

    With 7000 miles under its bonnet. I bet it will produce another 15 BHP

    DownShift Throttle

    That's fairly accurate dyno result… mate had his dyno'd and it was under 300bhp….after about 2500miles on the same dyno etc it hit around 305bp…..very similar story to my Civic Type R at the time…

    mirin jawbro

    so so so ugly. looks like a KIA

    Dan Ked

    God dam these eco warriors, Ruining my BMWS.


    i think they ordered to manny X5 grills and had leftovers…, now theyr putting those grills on the m135

    Evren Sokmener

    I thought these produced more than the quoted figures.

    Joe Boxer

    I hope that crap dosent make its way over to the states. Just buy a civic type R if you looking for a turbo 4 cylinder fwd!!

    Good numbers but that's not a M car and fwd hurts me to say that along with BMW.

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