Thursday, March 23, 2023

€3.0M Limited Edition Pagani Huayra Imola Full Throttle Accelerations & Driving on the Road!

Main €3.0M Limited Edition Pagani Huayra Imola Full Throttle Accelerations & Driving on the Road!

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    Join my Notification Squad: click the Bell ○ What you see here is Pagani’s most extreme Huayra to date; the Imola. Just look at the air scoop on the roof, the …


    and then 100000$ tesla model beats it


    Pagani got everything right accept the engine noise, I have heard louder Tesla’s 🙄

    Isaac M

    Hate the trim orange lines, looks like the Batmobile Adam West used……

    Tubbehh T

    Those pagani's sound like they are about to break down lol


    How would you even drive it realistically without scraping the bottom

    Debabrata Manna

    A beautiful piece of art

    Juan Arce

    Pagani's Senna edition

    R G

    If your willing to pay the tax man… it does not matter? The environment is no true concern to governments. I love the engineering, speed, sound but you can only play if you pay the taxman. Before that car is in a driveway with a full tank of gas, All taxes alone are more than everyone earns in a month on your street. That why these great cars are able to be built today. The ONLY reason.


    lol and there's a $10M Zonda Tricolore just chilling next to it.

    joe coquerre

    The first Pagani,ZONDA,NA,6 speed manual is the best Horacio has built.

    Sean André

    0:32 that 730s is way better looking than that imola thing. 😁

    KA 918

    Nice Pagani 😍

    Janko Merdovic



    That diffuser looks RICE to me.


    That's dope af love the colors If only i can afford that


    It's another rich guys ricer

    Q8 Fly

    Looks terrible

    RE-L Mayer

    i will take that motorcycle for 10 grand,it wont make me cry when i scratch it


    selling drugs pays good i guess…


    This car sucks! Ridge Racer style…. 3 milions??? Hahaha!! Can be powerful and super rare but is horrible!!!

    Jason Waterfalls

    Shit looks like something that belongs in a Michael Bay movie and transforms into Megatron's bumbling side kick… Poor Pagani.

    J D

    Damn i love Pagani, it's pure sex on wheels and exclusivity but this Huayra looks aftermarket. A lot of people who buy Pagani's are from Asia, especially young successful ones. They pay very very handsomely.So from a business standpoint, older buyers are dying out and they have to cater to the taste of younger market to thrive, makes sense.Not a fan of the direction Pagani is going though.


    Preferisco la Pagani Zonda❤💘

    Michael Summerell

    Normally I love Pagani cars, but I'm sorry – this is awful. I wasn't a big fan of the BC model's rear wing which spoilt the graceful lines of the car… but this bodykit almost bins the original car's elegant appearance completely. Perhaps it's the terrible orange highlights all over it which are making things worse, as frankly it makes it seem like some cheap Ebay special someone stuck on their Huayra.

    Mr Smirnoff

    There is some people who disliked this video. Some Pontiac Aztec fans obviously 🤨

    Phobos von Late

    Arab taste! Ugly as hell.

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