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E39 M5 Supersprint Headers + Full Exhaust – Evolve Alpha N Tune – Eventuri Intakes

Main E39 M5 Supersprint Headers + Full Exhaust – Evolve Alpha N Tune – Eventuri Intakes

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    It’s actually pretty rare we get a completely stock E39 M5 in, but it meant Imran had a chance to reacquaint himself with one of his favourite M cars. We then took …


    love an e39 m5 vid , classic amazing cars that are obtainable


    Amazing video once again, as I’ve said before can’t believe how much shit car stuffs on YouTube and still you boys haven’t got a massive following as of yet! Looking forward to your next one . 👍🏻🚗⚡️🗯


    I love these cars

    David Jaehning

    Oh how I miss my ‘03 E39 M5 with the Evolve Stage 2 tune! Keep up the great work.


    I assume the customer was alright with you taking his car for a blast 😂

    Patricio Garcia

    I have a e39 528i, almost 300k miles and keeps on going. Wish I could get a M5 but all are really expensive collector cars or cheap trashed from people that bought them but couldn’t afford the maintenance

    eddy gougou

    Vous pourriez mettre des écrous neuf sur la ligne 🤨

    Mario Kljaković-Gašpić

    Love love love this car, especially now with some upgrades

    Zach J.

    Nice job, stay safe because I only just subscribed…. I need you alive..✌️👍🇦🇺


    Love the cinematography, it's like watching porn or witnessing a slow provocative lapdance, E39 is a classic, they done make em like they used to.


    just curious to know why did the owner of this particular E39M5 decide to go the supersprint headers route instead of the evolve's own medusa headers …

    Ian Mitchell

    Brilliant video yet again, love the way you film everything, do you use a camera around your head ? Never realised fitting the manifold took so much work, going from 360 – 425bhp must feel so much different especially with all that extra torque across the Rev range. Really miss my M5 now, mine was carbon black too. Hope your all safe. 👍🏻

    Edward Daniels

    Enjoyed this video. Brightened up my day while on lockdown 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

    Alecx pro

    Legend E39

    Remi Mattera

    I love those Centercaps on his M parallel wheels! I need to get a set of those for my e39 540!

    wahid mehboob

    My favourite m5


    Greetings, nice video as always, especially with my most favourite car!! Just have two questions: 1. Why did the customer wants an alpha n tune when the eventuri intake still uses them? 2. Why does the eventuri intake uses the mafs still when the first intake deleted them for a reason? Have a nice day and stay safe! (Y)


    What a timeless design, already 20 years old, but even only 20 years old dudes love it… proof of an icon; brutal exhaust note, brings the famous S62 to life

    Darren Boston

    Personally I prefer the M5 V10 if you want noise!👍
    Thought the header bolts & gaskets would have been replaced tho🤔


    I've had one almost exactly like this myself, full supersprint race exhaust with a tune and K&N dropins, it made 445hp. I suggest changing the pre-cat lambdasensors as well. And maybe after some driving it will dyno even higher.

    Yaseen Essack


    Janis Holtsmann



    Great vid guys, was considering selling my car but you’ve convinced me to keep it 👍

    darren dixon

    Great video. I used to have a 2002 530i years ago and it was simply the best car Ive ever owned. The car had around 70k on the clock when I got it and it drove like a new car, was quick and solid. I was gutted when I sold It. So tempted to go for a E39 M5 when this virus stuff is over. The editung of this video was amazing by the way showing the fitting of the mods.


    Thanks for making great videos like this for us who are stuck in our homes. Be safe


    Pause. Give a like. Watch.


    Thanks for the E39 M5 content

    Chas Kahlon

    Another belter.. well done Imran and the boys.

    M U

    Loved the entire video and appreciated the first three minutes with your insights on E39M5. Can you please share something on its comparison with E90M3? I am looking to purchase either one, would appreciate your thoughts!


    Is there a gap between the intake and the body? Hot air can get through?

    Rob Terzoni

    Lovely video of an amazing car! But damn the driver needs to learn some rev matching!! Those downshifts to Defoe have me wincing!!

    Peter johnson

    Looks like you might be seeing mine soon ……


    Another great video!! Glad you went retro , Refreshing to watch!!

    Juanito Garwood

    Yo hash is the man with the installs 🔥🔥

    N54 N55 B58

    Great content. I'm always a sucker for a e39 😍

    Nikša Babić

    New mainfold gaskets for the headers or???

    Owen Beattie

    Would the supersprint exhaust system fit the E38 740i by any chance ? With slight modifications maybe ? It sounds amazing 👌

    Mark D’

    I love my e39 M5, but the HP per $ is terrible. This dude spent ballpark $6k USD for 45hp.


    I wonder whp please

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