Saturday, March 25, 2023

E85 Predator 212cc Build!

Main E85 Predator 212cc Build!

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    Today we’re building a Predator 212cc engine to run on E85! E85 is 85% ethanol, and the right engine specs and tuning, can make a TON of power (way more …

    Roger Wood

    Hey guys did you this is the first tillotson they've built.

    Trent Tison

    Now i remember why i quit watching your vids

    Stefan Forsberg

    Great jobb! ❤️👍

    Noah Miller

    You should try c16 racing fuel in one of the preadtor engines

    Moondyne .Joe

    Nice backyard job guys,BTW John your truck is looking great! how about a built update please?
    Tony from Western Australia

    Nino Brown

    Two grown men living at home building go karts

    Jack Nowland

    The crankshaft isn’t balanced now or the camshaft

    wheeln 24/7

    It's proven that e85 will give you a good power boost. Almost everyone that drag races uses it these days for power gains and cuz it runs cooler. Unless they have really high compression that needs high octane race gas.

    kx two-smoke

    Thanks for the video.


    e85 670 with baby twin turbos? or a fuel injected motorcycle engine? Also don't forget about good ol' 2strokes.(snowmobile engines are badass)


    I wana see the all out build!! i hope u guys optimize it and do your math and blueprinting!

    James Duffy

    You also cannot run regular fuel line. You need ethanol rated line because it will turn the rubber to goo in a couple days

    Built Futures

    Why not use the Jets put of the 26mm mikuni in the 22mm mikuni

    Jokey Jesus

    E85 you need more of then gas


    Instead of bolts i always use JB to fill those holes.

    web homemade projects

    I run 25ml of rc nitro and high octane gas in my go kart. Stupid fast all stock need to do some stage upgrades and take the gover out


    Ooo the truck has a bed and rad support. That's minty.

    the upscriber

    Turn your fuel can sideways when you pour so the nozzle is in the 3 o'clock position instead of the 6 o'clock position.

    Nicholas Petersen

    Buy a AFR gauge and check the ratio so you aren't tuning in the dark. Saves a LOT of time and hair pulling.


    After about $600 its as powerful as a stock 420cc

    Jack Lunn

    Time to run e 85 in the 670

    cody leboeuf

    You snapped me into a ad


    Some of the points that are good here, the 22mm carb might be better for the air velocity. As long as it can feed the motor. Also a bigger carb may have a bigger jet, but it is still sized for gas, you will still have needed a bigger jet which you learned. Also timing may be an issue. Alcohol burns slower, so more advance is needed.


    T U R B O !

    Cannon Lopez

    Y'all need to do a full send engine, stage four kit, alcohol, turbo,nitrous…, send it!!


    You guys should put a different tank with 95 in it and the 22mm carb and on that same engine and do a top speed run than quickly swap out the 22mm carb and tank for the 26mm carb and e85 and do another top speed run take the variables out from the diffent chassies and stuff ?


    Can somebody please explain to me where you learn to become smart with engines of these sizes like they are?


    Nice build John and Ike! And John i noticed that the C10 finally has the bed for it. Keep on building and testing these awesome builds guys!

    Bulls Eye

    Go all the way next time do everything possible to get power and I mean everything

Viewing 30 posts - 1 through 30 (of 30 total)
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