Thursday, March 23, 2023

E85 vs Gas Performance Testing | Stage 2 Predator 212 Comparison

Main E85 vs Gas Performance Testing | Stage 2 Predator 212 Comparison

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    Video Sponsored by Ridge Wallet: Use Code “CARS10” for 10% off your order How much performance does E85 fuel add on a …

    Vance Mac donald

    Damm that cart looks fast

    Zach Lollar

    Weight difference in the drivers?


    first melon now carsandcameras… these wallets must be good… right ?

    Fenreon Arlius

    Aint gonna jinx it but good lord it looks like yall are gonna take out the satellite dish every time.

    Max Rokusek

    when running e85 you tend to have higher rpms.. since theses motors are not electronically governed the mechanical governors arnt strong enough to withhold the engine power

    Paul Deck

    Top speed – if you suspect an air intake restriction, the E85 should make better use of the air that's available – E85 stoichiometric needs less air than gasoline


    Cooler temps. Cooler air

    Austin Leiphart

    Hey guys short reason it might be faster with e85. E85 is naturally oxygenated, meaning it has it's own oxygen to bring to the table when burned. It's part of the reason it needs more fuel. Combined with the bigger carb its most likely gaining mid range and top end through the extra air flow and overcoming the head shortcomings by providing a very small amount more of oxygen that the air is no longer able to provide at that flow requirement ( this of it like a very very very tiny hit of nitrous)


    Fast looks slow.

    Itz_gray_ 2019

    So you’ve got two sponsors now?

    Itz_gray_ 2019

    Omg I forgot it was Monday!!

    Austin Martin

    Anyone else catch that hoonigan “plug” at the end?

    Trey Jones

    What size jets do you need to run 110 with a 22mm mikuni

    Brad Last Name

    E85 or not, that kart is a beast!


    Slap a torque converter on there to take full advantage of the power

    Brent Mcchesney

    Plain stupid. They just don’t understand life or motors.

    Henry 4eyes

    Its sounds so good guys this is a great lil build

    Reese Nelson

    I love this e85 stuff, do e85 with stage 4 predator 420

    Wendonna Kelly
    gene miller

    the e85 has a higher octane sounds like its hitting the upper limits of the rpms cause its sounds like its runnin faster might need to run a torque converter and taller gears just to bring down the the rpms im guessing or a bigger sprocket on the drive side

    Rodney Hardee

    got a golf cart faster than that POS !! Can run it on Cheap Vodka !!


    What happened to the two-cylinder (670?) wheely popper? It seems that one would be faster than all of them if prepped right.

    Ken Shelhamer

    Doesnt compression need to come up when engines are designed and optimized for Ethanol?


    Do a plug chop one day. please.

    Kaden Zdroik

    On carbs is it the plunger thats measured?

    Snail 78

    you guys need to get one of these so you can get more accurate lap times. Agile-shop V4 Bestlap Lap Timer Infrared Ultrared Racing Track Professional Receiver Beacon Transmitter Stopwatch for Car Karting

    Rafael Bucio Jr.

    5:45 who’s that? Is that Ike? Didn’t recognize him with his hat on! Crazy!!!

    Gregory Fortenberry

    Love you show. I’m in nc also. Did you see the giant fireball at 950. Fookin. Crazy. Was below the commercial airlines

    Chris Armstrong

    I like the E85 build!
    A lot of adds in this video or just me?

    Chilly Willy

    The biggest increase You'll see with the E85, or any other Alcohol is primarily torque. Methanol for instance is worth 4% power vs. race gas on an otherwise unchanged setup other than jetting for the i creased volume of fuel.

    Y'all could run CONSIDERABLY more compression vs. what You can on 93.

    Also, Y'all are Waaay too rich on Gasoline as evidenced by the plug I saw in the vid.

    Dustin Williams

    In drag racing while comparing time slips, we use mph to compare if heat is robbing power. The e85 will burn cooler making more power. Thus gaining mph.

    freedom sailor

    You guys should do a half track Cart 👍 that would be awesome

    Kevin Beck

    You need to do a GoPed scooter build one day


    If it looks lean, it's because it is. 85% methanol requires more fuel in relation to the air. Bigger jets.

    Scott Hite

    The e85 is 105 octane. There might be some cooling effects with ethanol but that is really not going to affect performance. Build an ethanol boost engine like the professors at MIT invented. It injects a TINY amount of ethanol during the compression stroke to cool the intake charge & prevent preignition. You could theoretically run 18:1 compression on pump gasoline. Build that engine & Ford will have lawyers after you for violating the patent that Ford bought & buried.

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