Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Equipping Our Minivan With a 1400Hp Intercooler!

Main Equipping Our Minivan With a 1400Hp Intercooler!

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    The Rowdyssey gets a new intercooler from SpeedFactory Racing! Be sure to check them out @SpeedFactory Racing.

    Seattle Built and Raised

    I shop at speedfactory's actual location in Tacoma all the time amazing company

    Alex Tavares

    I’d put some black mesh on the bumper , make it look hidden


    When I first got into Honda’s I did what anyone who drives Honda’s does and go onto YouTube and type in worlds fastest Honda Civic 😂😂😂😂😂

    BeatJumper 👽

    what happened to the shopping kart and the golf buggy?


    I think the giant intercooler ties really well into the entire build. Giant turbo and intercooler with a baby engine

    BANDIT Grizzy

    To think one year ago was the first time on the track for this monster that is now becoming a MEGA monster now lol


    That’s the power of the dream buddy! You’re doing the damn thing and people recognize! Props to Boosted Boiz and the PFI Speed team!

    Uģis Rauba
    speed freaks racing

    Hell ya look good keep up the good work vband life


    Insanely insane

    Dustin C

    Why would you want a 1000hp "sleeper" mini van? That front mount as is looks sick af Kyle, if thats the most you expose as a sleeper Id be perfectly okay with that. Its a 1000hp mini van, it deserves the right to be seen imo. Loving the content, keep up the good work!! Make sure Emillio smokes for the next video, shit makes my day!

    Ian Bailey

    Paint that thing black! Hidden lol

    Mat Cameron

    I hope the world can handle all the people that are going to try to build their Van's 😂

    Scott Farris

    Where the he’ll is the radiator going to go?

    Rune Andre Bergtun

    If you simply put black matte thin paint on the intercooler that might cover it good enough.

    Nicholas Burns

    This kid just gonna wear skinny jeans and vans for the rest of his life?😂

    Kevin Christensen

    What does that K series sound like through a Magnaflow

    Gamma Light

    That intercooler's such a "Beef Cake" lol

    Brad Griffin

    When next you look at the Shopping go-kart, think of this video. 10-second kart? Yes, please.

    Adam O

    Would be definitely coating that intercooler in black and if it were me, I would also be trimming out some more of the bumper to expose more fins


    On to the next channel where mommy and daddy bought son a machine shop. lets check out itsjusta6

    Anthony Ramos

    Ablas mucho y ases poco esplica lo mismo 1,000 time same thing

    Dylan Barreras

    Can’t wait to see it on the dyno

    Euro Trash Life

    Paint that intercooler black for sure


    That is a thick core, trying to get enough air flow thru it will be hard, you should mount a radiator fan on the back side. Just a thought.

Viewing 26 posts - 1 through 26 (of 26 total)
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