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Escalade Gets Company! The 2020 Cadillac XT6

Main Escalade Gets Company! The 2020 Cadillac XT6

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    With the Escalade large and in charge at Cadillac dealerships, is there room for another three-row SUV in the brand’s lineup? Caddy certainly thinks so. The XT6 …

    Bad Drivers Of The Illawarra

    Thought it wasn't too bad, then heard the base is FWD.

    Stop with the FWD SUV garbage for gods sake.

    A TechGuy

    The front fascia reminds me of the BMW X7

    John S

    Great review! Informative…and entertaining


    A Lexus RX L would be my choice if pushed. I couldn’t roll the dice for 65-70k on a brand with too many recalls.


    You’re missing a digit on AWD pricing @7:10


    Tom, is that your own line “….motivated by a x engine…”? Great line.


    Great First Look. I think the XT6 looks good and could serve Cadillac well in their lineup. Plus, all the colors presented look great.


    I haven't seen one in person yet but I think they could have done more in the design room. Look at what Lincoln is doing, look at the Germans, the Cadillac at least on video looks bland in my opinion!

    Jay G

    why didnt they make crossover on their new alpha platform? how many different ways can they package a traverse. Hyundai uses different platforms for their luxury cars. Gm should stop being lazy.

    dygardion 91

    It’s not the ugliest thing they’ve ever made so that’s good


    Caddy’s obsession of placing stitching in the center console storage bin and lid is both tacky and cheap looking.


    No Asian American will ever buy this. They are traitors for they only buy Asian brands.

    Duncan McLellan

    Best time to visit the monuments is at night. Glad you were able to experience them on this trip. XT6 looks…nice. All of these 3 row things are derivative and about 20% overpriced. GM will sell a ton of them.


    I prefer the XT5 front end over the XT6. A little too bland for my taste.

    TJ Houston

    Why does my 2014 Chevy Malibu LTZ smoke this interior😒 I love the exterior though


    I know how to drive , not interested in reliqushing responsibility

    Dan Jones

    That’s just a stretched SRX.


    Cadillac can never get a break with you folks.


    Lacks character, like all new Cadillacs.. 😏

    Sean Du

    Just another mini-van that refuses to be one.


    God its so ugly. GM needs to just give up

    peter g

    You really do have the best reviews. I find myself engaged throughout the whole video unlike other reviewers where I sometimes scan through parts I find uninteresting. Thumbs up!

    Kevin Karcher

    Your video reviews are just the right length. So many others go on and on and don’t usually give you info you are looking for until the end which often 30 minutes into it.

    M Lee

    Great looking car, ticks a lot of buttons.

    Avi Groner

    Tom, I love your reviews. But have to quibble with your point about sharing it not sharing an "architecture" with the Traverse. They (including the Buick Enclave, Chevy Blazer and GMC Acadia) are all based off the GM C1XX Epsilon platform. You can debate whether that means anything in this day/age, as VW has shown with MQB you can take a single platform and scale it to tons of different vehicles at different price points. But trying to differentiate an architecture from a platform seems more like marketing speak to me.


    Looks like a Honda Pilot.

    Alex Sosna

    Usually Cadillac goes for the flashy look. This is the most tame design I've seen from them. In all honesty, the Kia Telluride is a lot nicer for the money.


    Nice, of course but this is still too expensive for most Americans to purchase. This is why GM is failing, like the new Blazer RS is nearly 57K cmon GM make these great nice vehicle that we can afford. Imaging an entry priced Cadillac CUV or Hatchback that's maxed out at 25k. They would sell like crazy… Nissan , Subaru, Honda here I come.

    Mud Alvi

    this vs the lincoln aviator?


    This really should have been put on a rwd platform. To help separate itself from its siblings. I don’t care how nice it drives, it’s mediocre.


    FYI Tom if you're anywhere close to Alexandria, VA there's a Supermarket you should be able to find. Great review sir.


    well done, tom!

    Michael Sale

    I have an Enclave Avenir (which seems to be what this is underneath) and the fit and finish is way better for about 13k less. smh


    This car should have a rear wheel drive architecture base on the CT6 sedan.

    Why the f***ck Caddy use that layout?

    Meanwhile its main competitor the Lincoln Aviator is rear wheel drive the same architecture as the Ford Explorer.

    I don’t really know why they do that,but GM still don’t understand the market.

    jorge vazquez

    I would forget this cadi and get a Telluride SX or a Palisade Limited.

    Justin Ragland

    Me when I see this car 🤦🏾‍♂️ I’m going to take a huge guess and say the new corvette took GMs development budget….that has to be it. I have very low confidence for the new Escalade…..

    Tony Wellington

    more BLAND uninspired JUNK from GM

    Germain Gonzalez

    I love your videos. I think your reviews are a lot better than some more popular reviewers.

    Germain Gonzalez

    I'd rather have a KIA Telluride.

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