Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Evo 9 vs Golf R [Final Battle]

Main Evo 9 vs Golf R [Final Battle]

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    Modified battle! It’s time to settle this once and for all as these two AWD, turbo-charged 4 cylinder cars go head to head in a final battle. Fighting it out is a …

    Mighty Car Mods

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    Both the cars are great but I’d rather have my modded up WRX for track and daily duties.


    Surprised Bucket Challenge.😹😹😹

    Shane a

    next car they need to buy rs3 audi


    VW cheats emissions

    Ciaran McCormack

    Pointless test. Let 1 drive both cars and set a lap time

    Rene Stanneveld

    Yeah just what we need LOOT BOXES rotfl pathetic. just like the content in the last 6 months….


    For the shameful soy induced comment of 'I hate driving cars like this' you should do a video on the evolution of Martins bald patch followed by a compilation of his missed gears


    Can you guys please build a proper EV? It’ll be maaaaad ;b


    Perfection, there's a reason people still use the EVO as a platform to build Hill-climb monsters and time attack cars

    Kyle Morris

    DSG vs manual is how I see it. Evo is actually better


    Does this mean no more Evo and Golf? If so Awwwh…

    Conner Goldberg

    I was expecting the golf to actually do much better than that considering it is an auto and its quick straightline speed. Also the 9 costs ~30k. The 7 costs half that 😉 … ~30k would get you a mental 400kw+ setup with forged internals in today's evo market vs a stock Golf R. That Golf wouldn't stand a chance.

    Gian Madrid IV

    Evo mods next?

    DAG 403

    Time for a MCM time attack car?

    JDM litts


    Leigh Wesley Music

    Dudes I absolutely loved the ending, had me cracking up. Great vid, was aweosme to see how close the drive was around the track. I honestly didn't think it would be that close.

    Schmidt Head Spearfishing

    Those Nacho's looked awesome, then you got jalapeno his business by wetting them….


    That plot twist ending was bonkers. Going straight for the Oscars right?

    Alasdair Caveney

    The Evo has nipple rings.


    Okay video until the last couple of minutes made it real fucking weird… wtf guys? Clean it up!


    do a battle driving each other's car

    Valters Pelns

    Evo vs Golf R on gravel road.


    I love the weird MCM lore

    Audio Adventurer

    Chopped Keyring > Chopped Sticker
    Prove me wrong.

    Pork Huntt

    @4:33 time is 420 haha

    SkriP StreaM

    Hearing a lot of tire rub on the evo. Suspension too low? Or not tight enough?


    Ive seen evos break high 10s with 270awkw. Boost came on straight away. Ive also seens 270awkw golfs break high 10s. Its the tires + usable power, not just peak power.

    Troy Graham

    Fancy new auto vs manual. Put a shitty 4 speed auto in the golf haha

    Vilim Erceg

    Track too short and slow for these cars

    J. McKeewa

    You need a longer and wider circuit to test this kind of cars ! =)

    Darian Murcott-Istead

    Forgot the biggest difference, one is 10+ years newer which is centuries in development terms.
    and ones an actual drivers car..

    Casey Stoner



    Is that wheel rub I hear in the Evo?

    Michael Michaels

    Marty didn't take full advantage of the Evo's 4-wheel system. And also the track is too small. These two beasts need a bigger track with longer curves and a proper straight.


    …and not a single racing line taken.

    Zac Youngson

    Golf may be 'better' but evo is way cooler


    Now we know why Marty always wears a hat


    Guys, folks, friends, people… Whatever the most pleasing term is to you.
    Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please…. Do an episode where you bring a professional racing drive to teach you how to drive fast.

    Please don't get angry and all butt hurt… I've been a fan of MCM for years and will continue to be. But if you want to test your cars properly, it would be so much better if you both knew how, it would look a HELL of a lot better on screen!

    I LOVE the show but watching you guys miss every apex, break in the totally wrong places no know where, when and how much power to put down….. It pains me deeply in the… thing that hurts when you watch stuff that's wrong.

    Ok love you bye!

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