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Main EVO 9 vs GOLF R

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    It’s JDM vs Euro as Marty brings his newly purchased modified EVO9 to race against Moog’s stock Golf R Shop: …

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    Francisco Yanez

    Dude I randomly clicked on this video and I was not disappointed! Great edits! And dope cars!

    Nabil P

    Evo is quicker

    Mark Chambers

    Considering the age gap in the vehicles speaks volumes about how good the Evo actually was out of the factory

    Nabil P

    Anyone know what happened to the focus rs?

    Scorpio TheGamer

    Roses are red
    If u click the like button it will turn blue

    Juan Velez

    I'd be pretty cool if you guys could get a pro racing driver of some sort and have him get some solid lap numbers on each car

    Herp Derp

    Just bring the focus and smoke both of them.

    Shahriar Bin Wahed

    Est or wst EVO is the bst

    fourth panda

    #43 on trending in the US!

    Jarl Nieminen

    I swear you put shittier tires on than originally came on an EVO. I want to see an EVO and Golf tyre test.

    Tomas Chen

    Australian can’t drive for shit!

    Konstantine Drives

    dude in the evo 9 is so bad at driving he thinks he doesnt need blip the throttle going down the gear on track😭

    Ted Bear

    Fucking love it bois!!!!

    Jafer Khan

    Finally you guys bought a Evo… you guys talked about it for years!!!!! lol congratulation


    Do brainwash TV robots drive those cars


    Ive owned 2 vws both were shit. Good luck with that bag of shit

    Albert Ochoa

    The driver skill variable is considerably noticeable

    Albert Ochoa
    ryan jian liang lim

    if the Golf R lost then Moog has to modify his golf R to be as fast as the Evo 9


    I mean if the MK7 R had bolt ons it would easily keep up

    Andrew Nguyen

    wish i could give you my GolfR STG3 fully rebuild block for this video lol

    K A

    Golf R has a nicer interior. For me that's very important so I'd probably pick it over the cheap looking EVO despite performance..

    Shahrukh Saeed

    Who else thought they were RC's?


    I own this Golf R Wolfsburg edition in Blue. Have just placed an APR Stage1 tune on it and there isn't much out there that takes it on the local roads, apart from a new RS3. Tuning Golf Rs give you a mini GTR feel on local streets. A great car for the money


    Mod that golf
    Stage 3
    Then make banter about stage over 9000

    B K

    A tune on that mk7 gets about 100 hp/ 100 tq


    Does the WD-40 air freshener smell like WD-40!? πŸ˜πŸ˜†

    Billy Gaffin

    I had faith in the golf ❀️

    Guan Min Tan

    Evo9 Manuel very good

    San Diago

    STi gets the tow, Evo gets the girls, Golf gets the boys πŸ’πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

    Kevin_ Avelar

    Yes mod the golf R!!!

    Aaron Anderson

    Great video but next time please switch drivers and cars and run it back. That way we can see if there was a little bit more driver mod going on. Overall it was still a great video! Keep bringing the content.

    Farhan Scar

    That evo is a beauty πŸ’•


    Get thew new civic type-r

    β€’ Phazon013 β€’

    Volkswagens are girls cars.

    hosseyn mehrab

    golf is good but no for racing.evo is a demon.


    Man I have been wanting to pick up a mk6 golf r for ages just to have a project

    Team Ally Racing

    what happened to the RS

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