Friday, March 24, 2023

Exhaust Downpipe Upgrade and Installation ~ Stage 2 Golf R

Main Exhaust Downpipe Upgrade and Installation ~ Stage 2 Golf R

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    In this DIY video we are installing an upgraded downpipe on a 2019 MK7.5 Golf R. This downpipe upgrade is part of a full stage 2 build including a charge …


    Here in the UK, rust is an issue…every bolt is a struggle haha.

    Gerard Cahill

    Monotonous question Charles. Why DSG instead of 6 speed man?


    How have I never seen this channel before? This is freaking awesome!

    Nicholas Maher

    Nice work, great up-close and very clear videography with great lighting. A new standard for how-to video. Makes me want to own a Golf R (with downpipe) just for the DSG pops.

    Adrian Gomez

    How come you cover the VW logo on your hat?

    Lord Colin

    I can’t believe people are stupid enough to buy a modern Volkswagen.

    Colin Clarke

    can’t wait for the coming vids on this… your channel is way underrated. maybe try an external mic for the gopro on the interior?

    Colin Clarke

    they need to make all vws available in sick colors like that

    Mark Carruthers

    IE please make your flanges male/female.

    Mark Carruthers

    This car appears to never be driven.


    Will/ can you please do a DIY for removing and replacing the intake manifold?


    Gotta love DSG farts 💨

    moed al garny

    that sound gives the car extra 8 hp 😁


    Farts never sounded so good


    Great video planning to upgrade in the next 6 week when I have 5000 miles on the engine this video will be most helpful thank you so much.

    Tool Guy Ty


    Dave Wahrer

    Sounds like you installed fart mode.

    Mike TeeVee

    You know things are serious when Charles takes off his hat to work! Great video as always: very detailed with good tips through-out. That launch at the end was awesome!

    BTW: Those DSG "pops" at 22:22 sound more like farts. Are you sure you didn't get the Tesla software upgrade by accident?! 🤣

    joe zafra

    Love the up grades your putting on ,what would you recommend for inner cool without breaking the bank looking for the bang for the buck thanks

    Buddy Brickhouse

    Charles, Mr Humble Mechanic, please help! I have A B5.5 04 1.8t 4motion stick (I just bought because the guy couldn't fix it, it has only 110k miles). If the ecm went bad can I buy the ecm/keys/locks/cluster and replace mine and it will start again? Please let me know?!?

    Avo Kupelian

    soooooooooo happy my vag car is an old one

    Josh Benney

    Awesome video. I liked how you did the step by step removal. Pretty cool! So the next step is software tune? I'd like to see detailed step on when you do the stage 2 software. Like the other commentor said on bigger turbo. That's good idea also. Overall, great video stage 2 series!

    MikeJ F

    Great video, where is your little helper at.

    Lifting After Dark

    Awesome video!!!! I’d love to see/hear a comparison between the R32 and Golf R exhaust sounds!!!


    Damn that need a cat back

    Andy S

    Charles what scissor life are you using and how high off the ground will it go.

    Dinu T

    Love the honest and detailed videos. Keep up the good work!

    Mike Hiler

    I do have a question for you, I'm going to be buying a 1994 lincoln town car. And I want to add perfomance upgrades to make it faster. What would you recommend?

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