Saturday, March 25, 2023

Fabricating Front Brakes for the 750cc "X" Kart

Main Fabricating Front Brakes for the 750cc "X" Kart

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    Our 750cc cross kart project has a top speed of over 80 miles an hour, so today we’re fabricating and installing custom front brakes to make stopping safer.

    Beau Waldrop

    I have a old rear engine snapper lawn mower that I want to make faster I dont think pulley swapping would work because the pulley coming straight off the crank shaft spins the drive disc any ideas on what I can do

    JaeTala Entertainment.

    So happy to see the channel growing. Used to watch you guys with 100views! I've learned a lot just watching you guys have fun with different projects. I appreciate all your hard work, it's so inspirational for an inexperienced guy like myself.

    Sky Boyer

    Try mountain bike disc rotors and calipers next time.


    Use the rescue basket to make a "Baker Torpedo". 2 person Land Speed Record car.

    remco bakker

    You guys should make a cool looking plate set on the frame! would love to see that


    I got a a challenge for cars and cameras make a kart or cart that can have actual car tire and rims on it and drive

    Gabriel Feliciano

    The rail tires and rims in the x cart💪

    Scott Trepanosky

    Not a cord it's a whip and you just need to change out the liner , that's how you rebuild it and its very simple a 10 year old could do it



    Scott Trepanosky

    I would run 2 discs on the bake too, more stopping power without fade

    Scott Trepanosky

    You don't need more than a single master cylinder you just need the right one. Cars and trucks only use a single master cylinder with a dual reservoir so your comment is not very knowledgeable

    Ryan’s Reef

    let's get some panels on that f'er

    Lý VBoX

    So strong


    I'm going to say it until you guys address it. Speed Rated Tires! lol I'd hate for one of those riding mower tires to self destruct at 70mph and throw one of you into a tail spin of death. Zip~

    Schmidy _03

    “Someone probably died in there, so we thought it’d be perfect to go as fast as we possibly can in it”

    Nathaniel Mathies

    I would have used indipendant mountain bike hydraulic disc brakes and mounted the handles on the steering wheel.
    That way you could brake the inside wheel hard to turn in sharper.

    Joash Church

    Just gotta say John and Isaac, this is the kart I was hoping you'd eventually build. Looks awesome.

    Hucfinn 16195

    It's really starting to come together very sweet !!!

    J Vest

    Rescue basket and then Drop tank cart?

    Dont ask

    Nice needle nose vise grip brake line wrench…😖


    have you guys thought about investing in a tig welder

    Levi Syverson

    Leave a like if you want more edits while they weld and stuff

    007 T-5

    Isaac…do they make a pressure diverter that you can put in the line? So the front brakes get more pressure than the rear???

    Levi Syverson

    Yo I’m in love with the cinematic edit

    007 T-5

    Those pads are gonna wear like a fu*k if not true…?

    Steve Maccollum

    Two master cylinders with a front only pedal or everything pedal would have been cool. But. Paddle shifters would be cooler. Just sayin.

    Derek Hansen

    High speed death basket! 🤘 When you wipe out they can just drop a line from the chopper and swoop you off to the hospital. Just kidding please don't crash😁

    AIO inc.

    Top speed basket yes please

    Nolan Tate

    Are y’all still gonna put big wheels and tires on it and make it more off-road

    Mud Machines


    Jeff Pennzoil

    What happed to ur hand at the beginning on the video!?


    burn out time

    Eddy Otero

    "It's going to take a few hours of riding before it uh……shuts up" LMFAO

    Wasif Salam

    is that a 190 on the trail 70?


    Dang, I thought the basket cart was the foundation for a sweet Coffin Kart since Halloween is coming up!

    Through my eyes Nomad

    Oops do a barstool racer

    Through my eyes Nomad

    You guys should so a barstool racer I'm sure it would be awesome

    Fenland Nerfworks

    Guys you need to invite Grind Hard Plumbing to mini mayhem, would be an awesome colab !

    Down to a Science

    Paint the frame silver! like the color of a billet flywheel for a 212

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