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    Dalon Woods

    I have that livery tattooed on my arm. I messaged Craig Lieberman the original owner of most of the f&f cars from the first few. I asked what the meaning behind the guy was, he said no meaning, just a “tribal galactic warrior” they out sourced to Troy lee designs for all the painting in the first movie !! Hope you learned something!!


    Ummm 2019 was 1 year ago

    Austin Peterson

    She cut that shit already…. Damn son

    alex mendoza

    Do it!!!!

    Curtis Farr

    ive always thought of the livery as Zues thowing a lightning bolt

    Sam Vang

    Brian is a cool dude! Come back to the Midwest Brian!!!!!


    Cup holders are severely underrated

    Cameron Coley

    Go f9 but with the wing on the orange

    Aj Mosher

    Do it


    Unique cars should always get more attention than a stock supercar. It shows appreciation for vision!

    Royce Hill

    "We build built it 2 years ago in 2019". wtf these guys

    the car guy?

    That's a pretty ass replica

    Jacob Mccoy

    Go to the fast 9 premier!!!

    Miguel Bonilla

    Bro I'm sorry but if ya gonna do pauls livery do it right…cuz imo it looks like u got decals from Walmart and slapped it on

    Rosa Atkinson

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    He has to get the body kit

    Derek MacKenzie

    Love Sabrina's sign-out!!!

    Daddy Home

    My homie has a mk3 supra with the same tribute paintjob its sooo sick

    Daniel Weiss

    I thought that s14 was mine for a second and couldn't believe I missed the mkv lol


    Blue and Kona are too cute and closing the vlog with them was awesome

    Carlos Velez

    Dude u need to go to fast 9 premiere. That would be sick

    jonard james dela cruz

    Miss your gf in the video 😁✌️✌️✌️

    Luis astacio

    bro teach me the way love the work you do and ur crew great

    W J

    Let's see it TJ

    young lee

    I like your naw car 🤘F&F


    I liked that ending Sabrina 👍

    young lee

    Hi my name is Godfrey I see every video you everything to buying a Dodge Charger


    That's not a replica!!! –– smdh !!! Doesn't even have none of the body kit part or the other decals , no hood , and that's not the exact wing-


    A real supra. Really Nice! The other one is not even built by toyota. I just don't understand why that car is so hyped. BMW engine, crap i would never touch in our shop. Looks like a Hyundai FX. Should not be allowed near the real beast.


    No one comes here for the tuna


    That's the worst replica ever lol. It's not just missing the body kit even the paint color is off lmao

    Jacob Saucedo

    Blue’s voice would be Liam Neeson !! lol

    Cracker TWeAk

    Man get that wrap of the mk. 5 supra it looks really retarted ngl.

    T Drizz

    The orange on the Mk 5 looks better than the mark 4

    Speedy McGuire

    The mk4 isn’t the exact one bc the hood isn’t correct and the top and bumper are wrong

    Luxury Missile

    DRIVE CARTEL!!!! Nice!!!!!

    John Sharp


    DJ 18

    Fast car looked way sicker then the car you guys got. Sorry bro love your videos but this sucked

    Jaime Conejo

    It’s called the iron fist

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