Thursday, March 23, 2023

FASTEST 2020 GT500 in the COUNTRY VS C7 ZR1!!! *OVER 900HP!*

Main FASTEST 2020 GT500 in the COUNTRY VS C7 ZR1!!! *OVER 900HP!*

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    I think you can really tell how much work ford put into making this car right. And i mean right. Its right.


    Wait I thought the evolution performance gt500 was the fastest not iconics lol

    Chris Durham

    Anyone who wants to see streetspeed717 true colors go look at his comments on whistlindiesels Instagram post about selling his obs chevy. I'm all game for some fun and making jokes but this dude is just a prick. I was a subscriber since the first duramax was bought but no I have no respect for someone like him.


    Imagine if this was the 2020 ZR1, that gapping would be hilarious 😂

    Denis Barry

    Kick his ass, Sea bass


    You gotta take that ZR1 to TX2K

    This Guy

    LMR really knows what they’re doing with those Chevy engines 👌🏼

    Flying Bob

    That was a damn fine race.

    Jacob Stilwell

    intro had me thinking the ZR1 took an L

    B Brown


    Matthew Mohri

    Did the GT500 love b/c of gearing ratio, weight, or does your Vette have that much more raw power.


    Love the double episode thanks

    Travis Hartley

    Only 800hp? Lol Let's see 3000. Hehe!

    Kevin Breese

    Isn't the ZR1 1000hp? Having a big HP advantage in a lighter car, I'd say the results are as expected. The Shelby is a beast, just the ZR1 is a notch above.

    Adrian Resendiz

    Get one mike!!!


    Streetspeed717 one of the channel that really got me motivated to create my channel got 4k sub now and that make me really in the YouTube mod
    not one of the best but not far a way with a big dream and a gopro haha
    Thank brother

    Jay Young

    In all seriousness, who TF even wears a watch anymore….if it's not a Rolex or Breitling of Phillip, who gives a crap…just posers, with all due respect, peace.

    Kyle Henderson

    Now imagine a bolt on C8 ZR-1

    Patrick Downey

    Hey bro I just want to mention. you should shut the window. I know you feel bad for the ford guy but there's no need for a sympathy parachute handicap. 😉

    Jason Toombs

    Great content! So awesome to see the vette come out on top. Some sticky tires and a run from 2nd at 50mph and that ZR1 would really put on a show.


    Bruh it’s crazy to think if something happened to your YouTube the repo man would beat at your house in hours

    Unknown Person

    please buy the new gt500


    i don't get why they racing am tired saying this it doesn't matters how much power a mustang has it can not run with a corvette the corvette is built way lighter and more aero to a that

    Pier-Luc Bégin

    I tought the mustang sounded good, until we hear the zr1 next to it

    Far 2 great

    I love you mike but I know watches and vincero is NOT a good option you can get something 10x better for the same price

    Minneapolis Mopar

    Stop taking the kids to the park and run a turbo Viper 😉

    Вот. так.и.живем RUS/ENG

    Only dushbags wears glasses inside.

    Rodney Wilhelm

    What I like is the fact the corvette doesn’t break down at all like the exotics.

    Bruce White

    ZR1 love is REAL!!!!

    Bruce Tessier

    You need to take delivery of yours and see if you can make it faster than the ZR1

    Stephen Lane

    Great vid.

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